Elmo themed birthday party

My friend’s Anju and Ashwini asked me to plan for their daughter’s 2nd birthday party using elmo theme. I love to plan parties and it was so much fun to plan for adorable Ria.

She loved Elmo a lot, so the theme was Elmo’s world and I used photoshop to make the invitation.

For the decorations, I made a personalized Elmo birthday banner with Ria’s name on it.

This banner was handmade with poster board paper and lots of paints. Since Elmo loves crayons, I wanted to include crayons in the Elmo birthday party theme decorations. I made few colorful paper crayons to be hung from the ceiling .These crayons were made out of paper towel rolls wrapped in color tissue paper and black card stock.

The cake table was decorated with a Elmo basket ,a fish bowl and a colorful centerpiece.

We had a fish bowl filled with goldfish crackers and the guest had to guess how many fishes were in the bowl.

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  1. Hey Aparna, your write up brought back warm memories of birthday parties. We have gone through a whole bunch of characters(Elmo was one too) over the years. The year the ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ movie was released, it was ‘dragons’ for a long time. We watched the movie twice, dressed up like Toothless, painted dragons, played dragon games, read dragon books and even ate dragon snacks. I was even woken up on Mother’s Day with a dragon card! Bet you had a lot of fun organizing the birthday party. Thanks again for an article which brought the memories flooding in!

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