Handmade Sai Palki/Palaki /Palanquin

When I was shopping at Michaels for Sai bhajan , I came across a wooden bench which was kept upside down .The inverted bench looked like palki for me . So, I decided to take it home and make it sai’s paliki .
Materials required:

    • Wooden Bench (Michaels store)
    • Paper towel rolls (kitchen)
    • Red tissue paper (Dollar store)
    • Golden decorative streamers
    • Cardboard box Sheet
    • Red color cloth
    • Sponge
    • Green string
    • Baba’s photo

First put the bench upside down .
Take two paper towel roll and cover them with red tissues
Prepare the roof of the palki using cardboard .Measure the bench size to get the size of roof .
Cover the cardboard with a cloth .I used stapler b’cos I don’t know how to stich but if you are good at stitching, it would be much better.
There are two holes on either side of the bench so insert red paper towel rolls on both the sides which look like the handles to carry palki.
Now with the help of a string tie the cardboard roof on either sides of the bench.
Place a picture of Baba inside the palki.
Made Pillows using sponge- the sponge I probably got with some glassware .I saved it for any reuse.Remember my motto Reduce: Reuse: Recycle .Using scissors cut sponge into squares.
Cover them with cloth, again used stapler. Place them inside the palki .
Decorate with some real and artificial flowers.

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