Pasupu bottu Favors : Shirdi Prasad and Sai Magnet

At Shirdi ,I shopped for all my friends of sai bhajan group . I bought sai magnets for everyone .
Materials required :
Sai Magnets (from Shirdi)
Shirdi Sai Prasad (from Shirdi)
Tin m&m Boxes (Michaels store)
Fill the tins with Shirdi Prasad and place Sai magnet on the lid of the box.
The magnet stuck well to these tin boxes. It looked as if these boxes were just made to put sai magnet on them . Perfect size,Perfect colors ,Perfect Gift for all my sai devotees .
As an ardent Sai devotee I know how touching it is when u receive anything from Shirdi .
Thamboolam Gift : Shirdi prasad boxes,sai magnet, Sai photo calendar,Bananas and flowers.

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