Sai bhajan and puja at my home

Baba has showered blessings on me twice this year, firstly visiting Shirdi on my trip to India and now on the 26th January ,2012 I had the privilege of having Sai bhajan at my house. About 25 sai devotees attended the bhajan.

The bhajan started at 7.00pm with Sai Ashtothram, sang beautiful sai bhajans ,performed dhoop aarti and offered naivedhyam.

My experience and miracle with Shirdi Sai
I wish to share with all my sai devotees my experience on the day of bhajan. I faced two miracles on the day of sai bhajan.
Baba appears as little boy
I had a dream early in the morning on the 26th’ day of bhajan around 4 am , in my dream I see a little boy opening the door of my house , jumping with joy and saying” I am coming to your home for sai bhajan ,I am coming to your home for sai bhajan and I shall come in the form of a little boy .i startled and woke up and could not believe what I just dreamt . in my dream….i see my baba my sai … a little boy wearing orange shirt and shorts .
Since I was busy preparing naivedyam for sai ,I totally forgot about the dream until the bhajan started in the evening . I saw little boys coming through the door; I wondered in which boy baba has come to my house. I took blessings from all the little boys who visited my home that day especially one boy who was wearing a orange t-shirt. I believe sai baba appears in any form, at any time, at any place and blesses his devotees. Thanks sai for visting me and blessing me.

Baba appears a glowing light
After the bhajan and dinner ,When I went to sleep in the night , I lie on the bed ,close my eyes for few seconds and I could feel some light ,opened to see some very small light on the ceiling , I wondered what it is was bcos it was so tiny ,but within seconds this tiny thing increased to cover the whole ceiling of my bedroom , it was nothing but sai ………..yes sai …..again but this time it was like a laser show light ,no colors just yellow light form ….i cannot express in words how it looked but will try to make some sketch or painting .Oh! Sai you are the light of my life. Thanks for the vision .
I made a sketch of my vision, the black color in the pic is ceiling and baba in the form of yellow glow light. Hope my pic is understandable.

This was one of the best day and best moments of my life. Thank you Sai for the SAI BHAJAN MD GROUP. I had the pleasure to be a part of this group. I appreciate the great efforts this group makes to unite all Sai devotees .Hope this group continues to grow and spread the love and teachings of Sainath Maharaj .
Please do comment and share your experiences with Sai .

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  1. Hi Aparana,
    You are so blessed and lucky to get the vision of Baba.
    Sorry i missed the bhajan at your place.
    I wish you and your family all the best in the world.
    Good Luck.

      1. hello Shally ,
        Definitely, I can suggest u few modes to reach BABA. For now I can tell you this slogan of BABA which will help you .
        “If you seek my advice and help, it shall be given to you at once. I am ever living to help and guide all,
        who come to me, who surrender to me and who seek refuge in me.” —— Saibaba

        Read the slogan thoroughly you come to know that he is always with you if u have faith and devotion. So just remember him .
        Thursday Morning look for my post ABOUT MODES TO REACH BABA which I am writing for all the devotees who want to reach Baba. So come back on Thursday !!Sai Ram .

  2. Om Sai Ram…There is never a day with out Baba’s miracles..he is filled everywhere and he is in every object–om Sai Ram

  3. Om Shri Sai Ram…..A divine power which just pulls us towards him and eliminates all the negativity from our life. Aparna I can visualize from your sketch….how amazing that vision must have been. You are really blessed to have it.

  4. Om Sai Ram. I am from Saudi_Arabia(Riyadh) I am comming to India (Hyderabad) On 13th of Decimber 2012. I a baba devotee since from my childhood. Today waht ever iam these all baba blessings.Through Baba blessings we constructed a house in Vizianagaram.On 30th of Decimber we r performing Gruhapravesam In India(VZM) on 8th of january we r going to shiridi to stay 3 days .so if possible i definately attend yur residence sai bajan.Nice to see you.Om sai ram.

    1. Hi padma ,
      I am very happy to know that you would like to attend bhajan at home but I live in United States of America and not in Shirdi. Congratulations on ur new home and when u visit Shirdi pls pray for me as well and give my namskars to Sai.
      Hope u have a wonderful trip . sorry for a late reply.

  5. Hi Aparna,
    I am a Sai devotee since from childhood and i also experienced many many miracles of his blessings through out my life. When I accidentally came across your site, and read your post related to baba’s miracles and bhajan at your place with palki, I was spellbound and was very happy and ready to share my baba’s miracle experiences too. The very minute, i was about to think of what miracle i choose to post from my life experiences… BABA showed another miracle 🙂 right at that very minute. I was still reading your post (Palki making steps), and when i got the call from my Boss. He said that he is increasing my Bonus for this year. What else I can say about Baba.. he gave me new miracle to share with you :). This shows how he takes care of his devotees. I am also now going to make a Palki with the help of your post and do the Bhajan at my home. Thanks for sharing your experiences and wonderful thoughts with us.

    May BaBa blessings are always with you and your family!

  6. Hi….
    Can you please share the address and the phone number of the Sai bhajan group.. . I want to get the bhajan done at my residence.
    Thank you.
    Jai Sai ram

    1. Hello Rajeshwari ,
      The bhajan group is in Maryland , United states . If you live in Maryland , I can definitely send you the details . Thank you !

  7. Is there a Sai Baba Bhajan group in Minneapolis? If not I want to start one but do t know how. Could you guide me please?

  8. Hii aparna ji,
    Can u plz sugest how to perform sai puja for sai sandhya..

    And also plz tell me why palki is needed..

    I also want to do sai sandhya. Guide me. .


  9. Hello all,

    We have a family function on August 15in bangalore. We wish for someone to come and perform Sai bhajans for us. Please let me know if you can help.

    Om Sai Ram


  10. My son’s is birthday is on September 27th and luckily it’s on Thursday this year. I have been thinking of doing Sai Bhajan at home but want to all the steps related to it. I would really appreciate if someone could guide on all the things that need to be done.

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