Teaching Children to draw: Stage III (Age 3 and Up)

Smiley face: My son Ashrith 3yr old loves to draw. . He is good at drawing circles, so I showed him how to make eyes and smile. Now he loves to make smiley faces all the time.

Stick Figures: As soon as he was good at drawing smiley faces, I taught him to draw stick figures, just adding hands and legs to smiley faces. Within few weeks, he started drawing our family picture.
Circle Objects: I taught him drawing few objects using circle. A smiley sun, boy, caterpillar etc
Caution note: My son shows a lot of interest so I keep encouraging him to draw and explore.These are just a few ideas as to how I keep my preschooler busy with art. Every kid learns at his own pace, so don’t push too much or compare them with other kids.

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