Christmas Fun with Family : Popcorn Necklaces |Pair Books with Play : Popcorn Popcorn

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Every year, On Christmas Eve my niece and I make popcorn necklaces for our Christmas tree.
We had extra fun this year with my 4 year old son..So involved , a great helper in making the necklaces.

Materials Required:
Needle and thread
It is a pretty simple activity but Parents help required. Make the necklace as long as you want depending on the size of your Tree. Our Tree is just 3 feet ,we used 2 packets of Popcorn but I did a little more since we munch a lot while making necklaces…you can see my little one doing that in the below pic.

I won a set of author Floyd Stokes books at a Mother’s Day Event …yes a set of 8 books and among those books was a funny book named Popcorn Popcorn .After making Popcorn necklaces,decorating them on the tree.. now its time to read the book all about Popcorn.

Story time: PopCorn PopCorn Written by Floyd Stokes
This is a  wonderful book about the joys of popping and eating popcorn. It shows a mother popping popcorn and the Popcorn  landing  in the most unusal places . It turns into some very interesting animals.. It is a fun filled book for children of all ages. We absolutely love the book .
My Son can’t stop laughing reading this book and the words are repetitive , easy for little kids to follow. On the last page of the book ,there is a song version of the story with a tune and my kids enjoy performing the song.

Christmas Fun with Popcorn Necklaces

Eating Popcorn, Making Popcorn Necklaces, Reading book on Popcorn, Performing on Popcorn song …ha.ha sounds like we are going crazy with Popcorn. This is our fun way to celebrate, how about you ?Pls feel free leave your comments.

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