Easy Christmas Cards for kids to make

 This is the first year my son is going to school and I wanted to make simple easy holiday cards for his preschool teachers where he can involve too .Keeping my  four year old on mind ..I came up with this cool easy Christmas Cards for kids to make .

Kids Craft : Handmade Christmas Card

Materials Required:
White Cardstock Paper
Craft sticks
Green Glitter
Glue 3 craft sticks to form a triangle …. like a christmas tree
Glue a star on top of the Christmas tree
Spread Glue in the center of the Triangle and sprinkle green glitter. When the glue dries, dust off the extra glitter unstuck to the card.
Write a personal message in the card .

Note: Some parents are happy using Glitter and some don’t like it and if u are one of them , you can always paint green color inside the triangle or add bits of green construction paper .Even Glitter Glue looks great.

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