Preschool Class Christmas gifts

Ashrith’s preschool is having a Christmas party and I wanted to send small gift for his preschool friends. This is his first year in school, so was not sure what other parents were doing.We made thirteen little gift bags with a Glow sticks, stickers and candy. Since the gift was Glow stick bracelets , our Message read
“Friend, Wishing you a Glowing Christmas and a bright Holiday Season !!!”

Preschool class Christmas Goody bags                                                           Christmas gifts for 13 happy kids

Preschool class Christmas Gift Treat bags

Materials Required:
Ziploc bags Snack size(missing in pic 🙁
Stapler and Scissors
Stickers (Christmas or any)
Cardstock (Christmas colors Red, white and green)
Glow sticks Bracelets (any little gift)
Candy (Hershey Kisses or any)
Fill the Ziploc bag with the goodies like stickers, glow bracelet and candy.
Print Christmas message on cardstock.
Cut them out, fold in half and then staple to bag.
Christmas gift bags for Preschool class                                                   Christmas Goody Bags for kids

2 thoughts on “Preschool Class Christmas gifts”

  1. Aparna it’s really good Idea but I missed
    It because I did not see u r website before
    Chirstmas plz email me after u r postings.
    I guess kids will have more fun.

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