Sponge Painting: Fun for Everyone

Sponge Painting is fun activity for kids of all ages.This indoor activity is great for a rainy or a snowy day .My Son Ashrith (4yrs) and my niece Sharanya (8yrs) used their imagination to create some wonderful art.

Materials required:

  • Shape Sponges (Dollar Store)
  • Crayola Paints
  • Paperplates /plastic reusable plates
  • Paper

Caution Note: When u open a new pack of sponges , dip them in water so that they don’t soak up a lot of paint. These sponges are easy to clean but don’t forget to clean it immediately before the paint dries. After washing set them on a napkin or a towel to dry overnite, so no moisture is left .
Store them in a box and these sponges are reusable for many more craft projects.

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