Weather Chart for Kids : Today’s weather is ?

While shopping for few party items for son’s 4th birthday at WalMart ,I found  this colorful weather chart for a dollar , I knew right away Ashrith would love it .He was excited to open  and put it in his playroom.

For 6 months now, it is his daily routine to check the weather outside and change the arrow pointer accordingly. At first, he was only familiar with the words sunny, rainy and snowy but slowly he picked up the words cloudy, windy and partly cloudy.The chart is bright, colorful perfect for preschoolers to learn about weather .I found these charts in party aisle where dollar stuff r located.

                                                                  Ashrith’s chalk drawing of Clouds blocking the Sun

Do u plan to buy the weather chart for ur preschooler or anything similar to teach weather, if u visit Walmart and didn’t find it, u can purchase on amazon but is a little pricey.

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