Easter Activity : Family Easter Garden


                                                                     Photo Credit: Church

Ashrith’s  Preschool Church had a Easter event with egg hunt ,songs and crafts. The most exciting moment was Family Easter Garden which we as a family enjoyed making .I wanted my readers to enjoy this experience too , so full details of the project with pics.

Materials Required:
Plastic Tray ( oval shape)
Potting soil
Small Flower Pot
Small Pebbles
Grass Seeds
Raffia strings

Write your family name on the label, decorate it and stick it to the outside edge of the tray.
Fill the tray halfway with potting soil.
Bury the small flower pot in the dirt with the opening showing.
Add some small pebbles for a path to the “tomb” and add a larger stone to put next to the tomb.
Throughly moisten the soil using the mister.
Sprinkle grass seed generously on the potting soil to cover the spots that do not have rocks.Water with the mister.
Put a very light layer of soil on top of the grass seeds and spray with the mister.
Create 3 crosses using sticks and raffia strings.
Place crosses in the dirt.
Keep moist and in a sunny place . Seeds should sprout within 7 days.

Thanks to Ashrith’s Preschool church for sharing such a wonderful family activity.

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