Jelly beans Color Matching Game

Jelly beans color matching game for toddlers/preschoolers.This game helps youngsters in identifying colors while having lots of fun.

If your kid is like mine who doesn’t know that jelly beans are candy and are meant to eat then it probably easy for you to organize this game.I said my toddler they are colored rocks and he believed it and did sorting but this year he is 4 and its not easy to fool a preschooler .

Materials required:
Jelly beans (various colors)
Color sheets of paper
Place different color sheets of card stock or paper in a row
Ask ur child to pick each jelly bean and place them on the right matching color sheet paper
Cautious note : Parent involvement always important especially if ur child is mouthing things or eating lot of candy.
After finishing sorting jelly beans this is how it looks , isn’t it  a wonderful display of colors.One of the best way to use all jelly beans from your  Easter baskets .

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