Sri Rama Navami celebrations and traditions

 Wishing all my Friends,Family and Readers a Happy SRIRAMA NAVAMI !
It’s  a wonderful feeling to share my celebrations at home  but today my  friend Kalpana was kind enough to send the pics and share her traditions . Lucky for me and all my readers to witness the puja.

 Lord Rama decorated with flowers , fruits and Prasadam


108 names of Lord Rama chanted and silverflowers were offered.


Mangalaarathi after 108 naamvali . Aarathi  …….looks so lively !

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Traditional food : Vadapappu and Panakam offered as prasadam.

sriramastorybookReading stories and reciting shlokas  in praise of Lord Sri Rama is a tradition.The book in the pic is almost 40 years old book ,rarely found in stores now .It is a 100Year-Old, Kalpana’s Family Tradition  to read this book every Saturday.


Writing Raama Naamam is a tradition, It is said that the word “Ram” is more powerful than the Lord himself.One can write in any language ..( above it is written in Telugu )

Thanks Kalpana !   Hope , did justice in interpreting your pics.

What do you do on SriRama Navami ?Please feel free to comment about your festival traditions and send pictures.Everyone would love to see them.

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