Identifying Numbers : Activity #1 inspired by Kumon Magnetic Board


This Identifying numbers activity  is inspired by Kumon  MAGNECTIC BOARD ,I saw at the Family Favorites….  KUMON stall  last year. Kumon  MAGNECTIC BOARD would cost anything around $35 to 50 dollars online, tried to make my own simple version with Milk jug lids costing a dollar .


Materials Required:
Milk jug lids
Number stickers (Large and Small)
Strip of paper/Wall borders
Peel and stick large number stickers 1 to 10 on the strip.
Now stick small number sticker on each lid
Put all the lids with number stickers in a container.
Ask your child to pick a lid from the container and recognize the number.
Once he /she recognizes the number , let them put the lids below the corresponding number on the strip .
Note: I used wall borders bought at Dollar store but you can always make strips out of white paper.I asked Ashrith to put lids below the corresponding number but he chose to put it on the number strip itself. It works both ways as long as your child is enjoying working with numbers.
Would you try this activity with your little one? If yes….don’t forget to start collecting lids.Coming soon…many summer activities,So stay in tune.

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