100th Post : First Day of Kindergarten


                 Today I am sharing two milestones with you ….. Ashrith’s First day of Kindergarten and 100th Post !

                          Ashrith was so excited to finally get to attend Sharanya  Akka’s  big school (cousin sister).

firstdaykindergartenpicture“Ashrith ,lots of blessings and happiness from mom and dad !
Good luck …..chikoo , you r growing into a big boy bangaram.”

firstdaykindergartensignboard“Kindergarten here I come” sign board was made using white poster paper ,few markers and peeker  robot decoration surprise ( from dollar store)  .These peekers can be used around white boards, doorways, windows .They are very easy to assemble and work as accents for posters.offtokindergraten

 Feelings of the Day : Worried Mom(natural anxiety) ,Cool Dad(relax attitude) and

Super Excited Kid (new outfit,shoes,backpack,bus ride all in all new experience)
kindergratenfirstdayschoolbusride Wow…. this is my 100th post and yes…..  completed  2 years of blogging .

Thank you , to all my Readers, Friends and Family for supporting and encouraging me with wonderful comments. Please continue to leave your valuable feedback via comments.

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