Handmade Baby Shower Rattle Card

World Card Making Day is on 5th October, So as promised sharing a card with you this week. I made this card for my close friend’s Baby Shower in a hurry . Making cards doesn’t take a lot of time ,if you have all the materials in hand but definitely requires creativity .It is for a baby girl ,so tried to  incorporate as many shades of pink as possible. I worked with different textures in this card .

Materials Needed:
Pink Card stock
Pink Ribbon
Silver Sequins
Foam Flower Stickers
“GIRL” letter sticker
Blacker marker
Make a pencil drawing of a big rattle in the center and a flowery border at one corner.
Now add foam stickers and sequins for the corner border.
Glue a “GIRL” letter sticker on the Rattle.
Use a marker to highlight the drawing.
Note: I used two kinds of flower stickers one plain pink and one checkered pink. To match the checkered pink flowers I used a checks pink ribbon. So, Mix and match the textures with same color for a non-traditional look of the card.
If you want to share one of your handmade card ,please email me or leave your comment .Staytuned ! for more exciting fun ideas.

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