Paths to reach Shirdi Sai Baba

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A few days back I received a comment from a Reader asking “I want to do some Sai puja for Sukh shanti @ my home.Can any one guide me? plz”

This question made me think about how can I help her , what  puja procedure do I suggest her, nothing came to my mind . For years, I did  not know how to worship BABA  in traditional Idol  puja with Abhishekam ,Ashtothram, and Aarthis but one thing I regularly did was chanting his name , talking to him as if he was a family member …sharing all my happiness and worries , Trusting him, that he would come to my rescue at all times.Thus , I believe there are no hard and fast rules in worship of Sai Baba and we can worship, pray as we please. There are a few paths to reach BABA to solve any problem , I have Mentioned about them in detail below (some of my thoughts  inspired from a Baba book  “Sai Bhavani 365  days”.)

First and foremost , Baba has taught that “Shraddha ” and “Saburi”(faith and patience) are essential for people treading the path of devotion. In this  kaliyuga, only chanting of god’s name ensures one’s self –liberation. Baba said “I shall take care of their well-being and shall fulfill the desires of those who chant my name with loving heart .If  anyone sings my leelas, listens to my stories  shall be blessed to enjoy and experience prosperity .”

Listening to Sai’s Glory ,Singing songs & hymns in praise of Sai : Baba said ..   “I remain there , where my devotees sing songs.” Devotional songs will make both body and soul fill with God’s love. Regularly invite neighbors,friends and sing bhajans , do arathi to Sai idol , offer food and share it with one and all . This the easiest path of getting merged and be one with Sai .

Remembering Sai:  Just by chanting Lord Rama’s name , the monkey –army could easily lay a bridge across the great ocean .Likewise, BABA shall bless and speak from his tomb when you remember and chant SAI. Remembering BABA  ,before we start any work and to remain in his thoughts are integral part of Sadhana Nothing is impossible to Baba’s will and he is capable of making the impossible ,possible.

Reading Sri Sai Satcharitra : The life, work and teachings of Sadguru Sri Sainath are recorded in Sri Sai Satcharitra (Holy Book ).Generally ,people start reading the holy book  with the sole object of getting their wordly desires fulfilled.There  is nothing wrong in reading the book to fulfill ones material desires but Constant reading will make you read the book only for deep divine delight .Then ,everything is Sai. Parayana , literally means ‘ to be through with Sai philosophy .’

Sai Philosophy and Values: Helping the needy , feeding the hunger, treating every creature with kindness, speaking truth, commitment to one’s work  and hold good to all irrespective of their religion .The “Right Conduct” draws the blessings of Baba and is the easiest path to reach BABA.

In today’s fast life ,where people don’t have time to read ,they can always  listen to  Sai  using  smart phone. There are various apps such as Pod cast (listening to Sai Satcharitra),Om Sai Ram (listening  Arathis with lyrics & Baba sayings ). ( website where you can watch live darshan of Baba from Dwarakamayi ,Shirdi ).

I have written my opinion regarding puja to reach Sai  but I know this may or may not be the answer what the reader is expecting . If there is any  Sai puja for Sukh shanti  at home, I would love to hear about it  .So ,please, readers share your thoughts and comment below to  help and guide her .

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  1. you have hit the bulls eye with your suggestions. They are the foundation for any one who wish for something. If this is not enough they can also do akhand bhajan for few hours to concentrate on god without interruption or they can meditate for atleast 3 times a day to get positive energy.

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