Reuse baby bath tub: Mini SailBoats out of BottleCaps

Today we are making mini sailboats using milk jug lids ,if you follow my website ,few months back I had collected plenty of  lids for a number activity here. So ,did you collect any lids ? If ,yes then what are you waiting ,  make the sailboats right away  or start collecting the lids now….never too late. Kids can play and enjoy this activity indoors in winter and outdoors in summer.

Materials Needed:
Soda Bottle Lids/Milk jug lids
Play dough/clay
Mini Post-its / Construction paper
Old baby bath tub or any large container
step1sailboats                                               Attach a construction paper triangle or a post it to a toothpick.
step2sailboats                                                     Press a small lump of play dough or clay into the cap.
step3sailboats                                           Then insert the toothpick into play dough making mini sailboats .
finalstepsailboats                                                   Float a fleet of mini sail boats in the water tub or container.
Note: I have used Milk jug lids but soda lids are deeper and look much better. Mini Post its ,was easy for my 5 year old but the triangle flags definitely look better .Use different color construction paper for colorful looking flags .Kids can blow or use a cardboard sheet to wave ,helping boats move in the water.

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