Diwali Art : Teaching Kids to Draw Diya

Life can be a tough sometimes…..I had a runny nose , sore throat,sinus pain etc since last ten days but the worst is the ear infection. First time, I am experiencing this kind of pain in ear and thank God(..and Antibiotics), I’m starting to feel better but …not able to hear that well yet.
All this illness, I couldn’t make time for 5 year old son but Today, after a long time we spend time sketching and coloring. He loves art and teaching him is so much fun. I am sharing what I taught him today i.e.. How to draw a Diya ? Diwali festival is ..coming soon and I have few easy ways to celebrate the festival with more creativity and quality family time.When I taught art in India ,I used to follow a book by Navneet Publications, don’t remember the name but this diya drawing was inspired from their book with a little personal added steps.


Materials Required:
White Paper
Scale and Protractor scale
Crayons /Color pencils
Black Marker

Step 1 : Draw a Semicircle using Protracter Scale and pencil.
Step 2 : Draw a line above and below inside the Semicircle as shown in the pic above.
Step 3 : Draw bumpy curves below the first line.
Step 4 : Draw circles in the center.
Step 5 :  Draw a pointed oval shape for the Light/wick .
Color the Diya  lamp in bright colors of your choice.

Diyadrawingforkids                    My little boy managed to draw just  like me .Isn’t he an awesome artist !

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