Diwali Fun Activity : Poping Bubble wrap (Pollution free fun )

If you are wondering what this activity is and how its related to Diwali .
Fireworks and DIWALI are closely connected . Without fireworks we miss the joy of the festival but since too much of pollution , finding simple ways to enjoy the pop pop sound but with a activity that is safe ,as well as no pollution. If you think …I am talking about the same old bubble wrap activity but with a different approach , you won’t be wrong but I wanted to write about it coz it’s not only my son’s favorite activity but also some pollution free fun.Many Schools are now celebrating Green Diwali and emphasizing on “No crackers” and “Clean Diwali”. This activity is my share of contribution for that noble cause.

Materials Required:
Bubble Wrap
Masking Tape
Use masking tape to attach a large piece of bubble wrap to the floor .
We recently bought some stuff for home and in it came large strips of bubble wraps and Ashrith was so excited to play on it.My son loves to jump, roll , dance and listen to the popping sound . Little kids won’t be scared as its not as loud as firecrackers.This can be a fun activity on a rainy or snowing day…Fun Indoor Activity…will keep your kids occupied for a long time.

Our family enjoys this activity and if you do too ,share your experiences. Tell me about your Diwali fun activities so everyone can learn. Stay in tune! for lots of Diwali Fun.

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