Diwali Kids Art : Fireworks Card

Today, I am super excited to share a easy kids art . First it started as fireworks art but later talking to Ashrith about Diwali , we came up with idea of making Cards with it too.

Materials needed:
Black or any color paper
Flexible Drinking straws
Shallow Tray
Make a straw stamper by bundling eight straws together and securing them with a tape.
Bend and spread the straws. Make several sets of straws.
To make a fire print ,dip a set of straws in tray of paint and press it on the sheet of paper.
Repeat the process using different colors of paint.
Sprinkle glitter over the wet paint .
Note: Trim the straw using scissors to make different size fire prints.
Now your fireworks art is ready to display or cut them into cards for someone special this Diwali .fireworksdiwaliartdisplay            
We planning to make lots of cards for our friends and neighbors. It’s only few days to Diwali…How many of you have cleaned house , made Sweets and Savouries and don’t forget shopping . What are you buying for Dhanteras ? Please share your festival fun ,any tradition, craft or story , I would love to hear it and share with others too.

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