Getting Ready for Navrathri Puja ! Step one :Spiritual Significance

LakshmisaraswathidurgamathaPhotocredit:Baba temple,NJ

Do you all know what or why we celebrate Sharada Navaratri/Devi Navaratri  ?
Sarada Navarathri , as it is called since it occurs during the fall season (Sharad Ritu) is one of the most popular Hindu festivals spanning a period of nine nights” The Goddess in the form of Universal Mother is commonly worshipped during the nine nights and ten days and hence it is also known by the name of Devi Navaratri.Three aspects of the Divine Mother , namely Durga,Lakshmi and Saraswati are worshipped during the nine nights, the tenth day being celebrated as Vijaya Dasami.

Bhavana is Important : Bhavana meaning feelings/ thoughts .When you sit down to do puja , do it whole heartedly and worship Devi Maa in a happy, peaceful state .Why thoughts are important ? I am sharing a  short story  below to understand better.

As told by a relative, a 50 years back story. “There was a man who was once told to do Navrathri puja lonely in a room where he would sit and do prayer all day. He wanted to do it badly, so he ate and slept in the puja room too. This way he did puja for first few days of Navrathri . One day in the early morning hours, he visioned in his dream, a lady with all her hair open and pulling his feet and dragging him. He got scared and came running out of the room. It was only later he realized it was none other than Maa Durga in the form Kali. She appeared to him in the form of Kali because of his thoughts and coming out of the puja room broke his vow too.  So, the moral of the story is devotees who do puja with a happy, peaceful , state of mind will  get a happy vision from Devi Maa .It is the thoughts that really matter. Good Thoughts ensures Good effects.”

All excited for Devi Navrathri beginning on 5th October. . Please stay tuned for more Navrathri puja related information …..coming soon .Hope everyone has a beautiful start to the festival season Please do share your  views on the festival .

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