Navrathri Puja : Preparations and Samagri list

Navrathripujasamagri(Maa Durga wall paper:

Each region has its own way of doing Navrathri puja and Navrathri Kanjak puja is close to my heart .Though a South Indian ,I learnt the ways of puja from my close family friends from Rajasthan which I will be sharing., I had the pleasure of doing this puja for more than 10 years now .Yesterday I wrote about significance of Navrathri and today I have the list of puja items below.

1. Kalash
2. Nariyal(Coconut)
3. Moli (Haath par bandhane wala red thread)
4. Sindoor
5. Mango leaves /Ashok tree leaves
6. Durga Mata ki Photo or small Murti/Idol or Symbolic drawing of Mata here.
7. Flowers
8. Wooden coal (quantity 2-3 small pieces daily for 9 days)
9. Diya/dipak
10. Baati(wick)
11. Batashe Or Makhane
12. Karpoor(Camphor)
13. Kumkum
14 .Mitti ka bada kipak
15. Red Blouse piece
16. Red bangles
17. Red Chunari
18. Fruits and Prasad of your choice
19. Barley/jav seeds sown in a pot (details below)

Note: Did you know why everything offered to Devi Maa is Red color?
The RED color is an important part of her image .She is usually shown wearing a red sari. The color red symbolizes action and the red clothes signify that she is destroying evil. It is a tradition to offer red chunari, red flowers and bangles also because it is believed to be a symbol of “Amar Suhaag”.

Did you know why we sow Barley seeds on the first day of Navrathri ?
It is our custom to plant barley seeds in small pot on the first of puja . It is placed in the Puja room and everyday we sprinkle water on it .All the nine days the pot is worshipped .On, Astami day , the  shoots are about 3 inches  and after Kanjak Puja …we pull out the seedlings and give it everyone as a blessing from god.This custom is indicative of fertility worship and is known as “Khetri”.It is significant of prosperity and abundance.

Tip of the day !
Flowers for 9 days: It’s fall and at this time we can’t find many flowers , so I buy a large pot of Mums .They are beautiful and come in different colors .Keep the pot indoors and use it for all 9 days .This way you will have plenty, inexpensive flowers compared to the bouquets we buy in Walmart. If you live in any place like India, use variety of flowers everyday.
Red Blouse: Don’t have red blouse piece, Don’t worry , this is what I usually do , get a yard of red cloth piece from Joann Fabric store or Walmart .

Truly speaking even if we miss any of the above items due to any reasons, Don’t panic! as Durga Maa is our mother and she will accept anything offered with love and devotion . So,if you have read my previous post on Navrathri significance here , you know “Bhavana”..aka Thoughts are that really matters.The best offering to Maa Durga is surrendering your Ego.
These are the Pooja Preparations I follow and you are most welcome to share yours . I would love to know about it .

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