Navrathri Puja Tradition : Symbolic Drawing of Maa Durga

Back in olden days, when there were no photos ,people generally handmade everything. In the same way every Navrathri , we have a tradition of drawing this symbolic representation of Maa Durga. We are blessed to have these traditions passed down to us from our elders . Everybody may not have a Maa Durga picture in the house .So, sharing with you simple symbolic drawing of Devi Maa .

Materials Required:
White paper
Sindoor or Kumkum
Using finger dipped in kumkum or sindoor draw center line like a trishul
Then 4 lines on either side of trishul
Decorate it with Holy signs like Om and Swastik .
Note: My Drawing is done with Kumkum mixed in water .
If you see the drawing closely u can see 9 lines representing the Goddess Durga , Lakshmi and Saraswathi .The Trishul in center representing Maa as Mahashakti . Ashrith thought I was finger painting ,so if you have older kids they might be interested in joining you.
These are the pooja traditions I follow and you are most welcome to share yours . I would love to know about it .

2 thoughts on “Navrathri Puja Tradition : Symbolic Drawing of Maa Durga”

  1. Thank you Appu for this beautiful finger painting of Ma.I’m seeing it or first tym n I appreciate your noble thoughts.
    May Mata Rani’s Krupa be with you n your loved ones.

    1. Hello Sangeeta
      Thank you ! glad you liked the drawing of Durga Maa ..ya like my son said finger painting ha..ha. Hope you have a wonderful festival time. Stay tuned for more exciting ideas….coming soon
      Happy Navrathri and Dussehra!

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