Kids Craft : Clay Christmas tree

It’s hard to believe but December is almost halfway over! As craziness of Christmas and the winter holidays are quickly approaching, I wanted to share a Christmas craft with you all. Me and My 12 year old niece Akishta were working on clay models. We made Christmas Tree and little gift boxes using clay.
Clay Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Materials Needed:
Modeling Clay (various colors)
                                                                                             Step by Step Pictorial as shown below

Clay Christmas tree for kids

Step1: Mold the green clay into cone shape.
Step2: Make a star using yellow clay.
Step3: Make a thin rope like using red clay
Step4: Wrap the thin red/ pink clay around the tree …to resemble like a garland .

Kids craft :Clay Christmas Tree
Decorate the tree with little clay dots to resemble ornaments.
Make little gift boxes using clay .

Clay christmas tree made by kids                                                                             Akshita showing off her Christmas Tree !!!

The pictorial steps are easy for kids to follow and make this beautiful Clay Christmas Tree .
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  1. These trees are lovely, perfect keepsake to display each year.

    Thanks so much for linking, hope to
    see you this week .

    Remember we’re open all month so feel free to keep linking x


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