School Project: Student of the Week ( All About Me)

As I said ,this weekend was extremely busy with Ashrith’s School projects. If you think Kindergraten has no homeworks and projects then you are mistaken. They have a lot of stuff to do . It’s fun and I get to spend more time with my son. We are super excited as Ashrith is the Star Student of the week.

School Project : Student of the week

We have to decorate a sheet of paper anyway we like it to show the class with following info.
Name, Age, Birthday, favorite food , book, thing to do, about family and what he is good at .This project will help his friends know him better and also great activity to learn speaking skills.
We went through lot of magazines and photo albums to get the best pics that suit our topic. I was so
delighted when Ashrith found the lego blocks pic in the magazine. He knew exactly what we were looking for.Some pictures,we took prints online like the Idlis pic from niyasworld blog . We tried several layouts and then finally glued them .When I asked him “Ashrith what do you like about school ?” ,he answered “bcos I learn new things everyday” .I am totally impressed !kids this generation r so smart.

Student of the week:School Project School project: All about me

It involves lot of patience to work such projects with kids. Trying to know what they like and how they want it . I didn’t want to put that brush on the Ice cream bcos its too big but Ashrith was so stubborn to have it. It took couple of hrs but happy with the result. Last week, we missed Ashrith’s Soccer class and this week there’s no class due to big game coming up .Any Super Bowl parties ? We’ll be having small party with close friends. Details about it coming soon .So stay in tune !

3 thoughts on “School Project: Student of the Week ( All About Me)”

  1. Wow it’s really great effort Asrhrith and Aparna
    All the best Ashrith for u r bright future. In one small sheet,to tell every thing about them with colorful photos.
    Drawings every thing is beautiful, Aparna !
    I am so thankful to both of you ,because it will helpful
    for Sreshta project next year. Definately not like copy and paste ….
    Just for some ideas and helpful tips only.

    1. Thanks Harita ! for such sweet comments. I am glad you like my tips of using magazine cutout ,printouts and pics .You r so creative , definitely Sreshta’s project will be beautiful.

  2. First of all… Way to go, little master – you make your parents proud every single day 🙂 I love the way you did it and you are right, this needs a whole lot of patience but I really like it that the kiddo was so involved in the project as well.
    You are doing a great job and the projects and work are going to be more and more, but like you I enjoy them myself as well!

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