Currently ….

Currently logoCurrently Loving…My niece, Sharanya’s Birthday  …she turns 10 today . OMG….10 years , how time flies, It feels like yesterday when I held her in my arms. Sharanya …”  If I ever had a daughter, I would want her to be exactly like you.” Happy Birthday Sweetie!


Currently Working …On Rainbow crafts with Ashrith . I enjoy drawing and doing crafts with him. He gets so involved and his imagination is unbelievable . Right now , we are playing with colors and all sorts of materials .The projects are turning out great …will be posting about it soon . Stay in tune!

Currently Buying…Gifts for my niece …I have a tradition of giving her gifts equal to her age …so this year it’s 10 gifts .I mean …10 gifts for 10th birthday . I did a little research about the trends going on with tween girls .Hope she likes and finds my gifts interesting.

Currently Sharing ….this story about the little boy in Michigan who said he has no friends to invite to his birthday party that is now getting showered with cards and gifts thru the “Happy Birthday Colin” campaign may be the sweetest story ever .I read this at Jennifer’s blog and found it interesting and wanted to share with you all.

Currently  Eating … at Panera Bread …Our family enjoys going to this restaurant once in a while either for breakfast or lunch .They have a lot of vegetarian options makes me 🙂 BTW  Ashrith loves Bear Claw ..a pastry puff with almond filling .

panera bread bear claw

That’s all for now ! What are you doing currently ? Share your current favorites and if you have any Rainbow craft idea …mail me !

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