Ideas for the 100 Days of Kindergarten Posterboard Project

Kindergraten Project : 100th day of School

100th day of School Project

My son is in kindergarten and soon he will be celebrating the 100th day of school. We were asked to make a project with collection of 100 things. While browsing online, I found some amazing ideas like snowman with 100 marshmallows,100 gum balls machine, 100 flags on a world map made on huge poster boards.There are 3 reasons, We can’t make one like that … teacher sent us a sheet of construction paper , so we have to stick to that size . The second was collections can be anything but must fit Backpack. Last reason… his teacher asked specifically items collection by fives/ tens. She mentioned during circle time the collection of tens will be easy for the kids to count.
I wanted Ashrith to do something creative ‘n’ educative.Most of the time, I get carried away and treat like it’s my project . Then slowly …I say to myself ….keep it simple ….its 5 year olds project and not yours.
We thought of Seasonal Celebrations Theme for the project .We discussed with Ashrith what seasons and celebrations would fit in. Yes…we means me and my hubby …he was helping us. Rarely ,I get to mention him but he is a great support. I had few stuff on hand like the foam stickers. I am a huge fan of these stickers, they are very easy to peel. They are available in Craft stores Michaels and A.C.Moore. We took prints online for collections like diyas, clovers, pumpkins and eggs.
Materials we used in this project are mentioned below. Arrange them in group of fives/tens.
10 Snowflakes ( winter)
10 Hearts(Valentines)
10 Clovers(St.Patricks Day)
10 Eggs (Easter)
10 Flowers(Spring)
10 Suns (Summer)
10 Stars(July 4th)
10 Pumpkins (Fall, Halloween)
10 Diyas (Diwali)
10 Candy Canes (Christmas)
Ashrith did all the peeling and gluing for the project . He did count each one to see if they were 100 in total. I know the project looks simple but I am sure, will be  easy for the kids to count by 10’s .
Kindergraten 100 days of School project
It is a task… capturing my little guy on the camera .He looks a little tired in the pic due to cold but was super excited to show the project to his class.Pls share what is your child’s current School projects .Is your kid celebrating 100 days of School ?
Ahhh…I don’t want to bore you guys by saying the weather is bad today ..again seriously…sleet rain …No school…and the worst part …two more months of winter left. My only mantra to fight the cabin fever..think warm and indulge in some comfort food like a hot soup.
That’s all for now ! Keep it Simple and have lots of fun !

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