(Random Act of Kindness Week :Feb 10th to 16th ) Day 4

Reach out to someone kindness act

What are we doing on Day 4 of Random Act of Kindness …Reach out to Someone ….This can be done in many ways. I have a  few kindness acts through which you can reach out to people.

Be a Welcoming neighbor …YES…Love thy Neighbor is the greatest principle shared by all the religions.When a new neighbor moves in, make an effort to welcome them to the neighborhood. We can create a safe  environment for our family by establishing a trusting relationship with the neighbors. I have a little story to share with you all.

Welcoming new neighbour with a treat

This happened ,two years back ,when we  moved here … in a rental  apartment community, we were greeted by a elderly lady .. I guess around 80 years old. She said ‘hello” and introduced herself as our next door neighbor. Then ,she handed us a Treat …yes…  peanut brittles box ,which was covered with a beautiful crochet hand-woven napkin and a note that read…Welcome to the Neighbourhood ! So sweet of her…and BTW the  old fashioned peanut brittles were homemade. Yum …I can never forget the taste and the smile it brought on our face. What a wonderful way to welcome a neighbor . Have you experienced something like this ? Do share your story ?

Donate… YES…..Donating even the smallest items to those who don’t have them, you’ll be providing someone with a greater sense of self-worth.

Donate little things…Fill boxes with gently used toys, clothes, and books and drop them off at  a local donation center like a good will store.We do this every year and is a easy way to help someone.

Be a Organ donor…. In the United States alone there are over 100,000 people waiting for an organ donation. By becoming an organ donor, you can literally help save lives.

Donate BloodThe blood you donate will be used to save lives. What a gift to give to someone! and the BTW my hubby donates blood every year ! So, proud of him.

stamp out hunger food drive

Collect Canned food for a food bank or food drive……. There are so many people for whom putting dinner on the table is a daunting task. I consider myself blessed to have 3 meals a day and if you feel the same …pls donate canned food .Every can counts! Every year there are many food drives going on in your community. We donated  canned food  to Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. The letter carrier picks up your items and delivers them to local food banks or pantries.

help and support Random act of kindness

Donate Money /Monetary help….. We can contribute a small amount of our savings for some life saving missions.  This pic was taken at Wal-Mart store last week  ,it is donation box for Children’s miracle network  and I put a dollar in that. Small donations don’t  burden you and makes you feel happy and encourages you to keep doing.

 Volunteer….YES……give your valuable time for a cause . Volunteer at a food drive, school, library anywhere where help is needed. Volunteer to coach a youth sports team or to help someone moving. A little help goes a long way .

I read in the latest issue of All You magazine a small story I would like to share. It is about Abby Mc Ginnis…a 9 year old girl living in Johnstown , PA.She works to improve the lives of kids who are blind.When she found out that a blind girl at her school had only seven braille books available to her in the library. she organized a fund raiser last year bringing in more than $1000 to buy 90 books plus some games.After that she wanted to help even more kids so she now makes no sew fleece blankets. She raised 700$ dollars so far by selling 23 blankets in less than six months. Her Facebook page Blankets 4 Books is where you can see her blankie pics. This girl is a true inspiration to us . Is there anyone who inspires you to be a better person. Share your inspiring stories below in the comment box or email me .I would love to hear from you.

All the Kindness ideas are basically borrowed from the huge list of random act of kindness organization but like I said before in Aparna style ,a little bit of  my personal stories and experience. For more  ideas on kindness acts you can visit here .Though today is the last day of Random Act of Kindness Week 2014 , we can do kindness acts every single day … throughout the year . Making ourselves better human beings and  the world a better place to live . That’s all for now !See ya real soon with something interesting. Until then ……….Donate: Volunteer: Smile: Spread Kindness! .

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