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Currently waiting and praying for the missing airplane MH370. How can a plane of such size go missing ? When will this mystery be solved ? My heart goes out to the families of missing passengers waiting with a hope .We need more prayers and hopefully a miracle to happen .
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Currently Wearing Green ..not me … my son. It’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at School ..all kids asked to wear Green. My son can’t stay still so blurry pics 🙁
St.patricks day : Dressed in green to school

Currently Drinking Lemon water ..Yes ..Spring season calls for a fresh new beginning and what better way to start being healthy.Eating more fruits,veggies,proteins and less carbs( I’ll miss rice ).The first few days is going to be tough but just think about the rewards ! LOL
And BTW my Treadmill is all fixed , ready to be used . Excited !

Currently Loving .. Alphabet Stamps found at Michaels (small size) for a dollar and at Target store dollar spot (bigger size) for 3$ .If you have a little one at home , then do buy them ,will help learning alphabets or use them for any art project. I am addicted to Stationery.I have so much of stuff and still keep buying. My hubby thinks ..I am crazy but can’t stop buying .What to do ?
alphabet stamps at Michaels store

Currently happy about 100 Facebook likes. Yes …Happiness comes in small victories. Thank you to everyone for reading and following , liking and commenting.

That’s for now ! Stay in tune ! See ya real soon !

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