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Currently sad …about the end of MH370.My prayers go out to the family and friends of the passengers and cabin crew .May God give them strength to go through this horrible time. RIP for all on board !

Currently proud.. Mama yes.. Ashrith is the star student of the day! He came home , totally excited, showed his bracelet and drew this on the white board. Loving it !
Star student at school with braceletl

Currently drinking.. Green tea…yes initially I was not a big fan of it but slowly started liking it . As a Indian ,Black tea rules but Green tea is the new trend. It is proven that green tea has more health benefits attached to it than black tea is (apparently) due to the processing.

Currently happy ..with the response I got for mommy and child doodle series . I know , I am not doing extraordinary art neither am a trained artist but I have the passion for art. I am just getting the hang of it ,not too confident but trying to keep my lines straight . It does get frustrating sometimes bcoz I expect to do a lot better . As a mom, home maker ,blogger it’s difficult for me to take out time for sketching but I won’t give up.Thank you all for the love and encouragement . It means a lot!

Currently mad… about the crazy weather here , we are expecting snow today and temperatures are low , what can I say ? Two days back it was our first day of spring and it’s still snowing. This is crazy ! I want to enjoy outdoors ,sunlight and need more vitamin D.

While writing Currently, I felt we go through so many emotions in a day, Life is too short, Enjoy every bit of it ! What are you doing currently? Pls leave your comments below . See ya real soon ! Have a wonderful week !

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