Mommy and Child Doodles ( Week #2)

Mommy and child doodles

Last week ,I started a new feature on my blog “Mommy and child Doodles”. What can I say , it is a Hit ! My Friends,readers loved it and appreciated my efforts. One  Reader Mom (who loves to paints) said her favorite quote “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” So , Keep Painting ! It felt so inspiring !
This week , two holidays/ festivals were celebrated one  is St.Patricks day and the other Holi. I googled for these festivities,randomly picked two images and tried to sketch them of course in Appu style ( added some personal touch ) .

For St. Patrick’s day ..the sketch is totally green … Green paper and different shades of green Markers .
St.Patrick's Day Doodle by Mom                                                                 Mommy Doodles

For Holi ,the sketch is colorful and used oil pastels in various shades .
Holi Doodle by Mom                                                               Mommy Doodles

Now its time to show my son’s art. Clover Child artSketch of a clover..totally done by him including paper cutting, coloring and stickers.
My imaginative Five year old sharing his dream, story and art.
Child Doodle                                                    The Cracker that decorated Me
In his own words: “In my dream, I saw a cracker with two eyes ,one mouth ,two legs and arms with a crayon .The cracker wanted to decorate a piece of wood with crayon.He thought my hand was a piece of wood and he started decorating me and later he invited all his friends to decorate my hands. In few minutes,there were so many crackers around me .They left, when both my hands were decorated.” I told you ..He is one imaginative boy!
I hope you enjoyed our art. Thank you for visiting Mommy and child doodles.
What do you think ? What should I try next : Water colors, Acrylics or Pencil sketching. Pls leave your answer in the comment box .If you like anything, pls click on any social media icons below. Have a wonderful weekend ! See ya real soon !

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  1. Hello, I love your Mommy and Doodles. My son’s drawings inspired me to start my online business turning kid’s artwork into unique gifts, I’ve started #fridgeartfriday on Instagram and would love to see lots of wonderful families sharing their work!

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