Creative Play : Exploring Ice with Sea Animals

Today I am sharing creative play with Ice. Whenever I open the freezer , Ashrith is curious about the ice cubes. He wants to hold them and play. We usually play with  different shapes ice cubes  made from  Ikea store ice trays but for  today ‘s play we added Plastic  Reusable Sea animals Ice cubes and Plastic ocean animals.

Materials Needed:

Baby bath tub or any big plastic container

Muffin Pan

Ice cubes ( Sea Animals or  tiny plastic toys)


Toy Hammer & Shovel


Ice play :Plastic Sea animals in Muffin tin

Take a Muffin Pan ,add Plastic Ice cubes or toys  of any kind like we added Sea animals.

Ice Play with Plastic Sea animals

Now add water to the muffin tray and freeze it overnite.

Creative Ice play with Plastic cubes

Next day just scoop out the nice round iceblocks from Muffin tray. They came out very easily …no efforts.That’s a relief!

Place a baby bath tub with the ice rounds blocks and now its ready to play.
Creative play: Exploring Ice

First Ashrith digged ,explored for a while and later enjoyed banging the ice with Hammer.He had fun breaking the ice with his toy hammer and finding the hidden sea animals. He felt like a Hero saving Sea animals.

Plastic Reusable Ice cubes Play

Note: Reusable Plastic  Ice cubes come in many varieties ,I bought Sea animal Ice cubes at Target store , you can find similar ones on Amazon here. If you are looking for them in stores they are usually found in summer collection aisle where you have pitchers, caddy and picnic stuff.

Ocean animals

If you are looking for more Ice  Play activities for kids  , do try this  too .In the collage below you can see ice play with tiny plastic animals. The Ocean animals were bought at a Dollar store .These little things are not pricey and we can reuse them for countless activities.

Ice Play with Sea Animals
Lessons Learnt: He researched about Ice…telling why he can’t hold the ice in hand for long .. about its coolness . Recognising all Sea/Ocean Animals hidden in the ice.

It was indeed learning through play … a totally fun experience. We’ll be doing a lot of Ice play this summer holidays when the days are hot and BTW ..I am also thinking of ways to reuse these animals. So, look out for my coming posts ! What do you think about our Ice play ? Do send me your ideas and suggestions through comments …I will be happy to hear them .

10 thoughts on “Creative Play : Exploring Ice with Sea Animals”

  1. I luv this idea. Great for hot days! I scene this type of play at the kids centre but I’ve never tried it at home. I think this summer will be the year :0)

  2. This is such a cute and clever idea!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  3. Very interesting stuff! Lot of things to try with my little one!

    I am glad you are doing something which comes so naturally to you!

    Cheers! 😉

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