Easy DIY Father’s Day Decorative Magnet Gift

DIY Father's day Custom  Magnet Gift
I wanted to make something easy for Father’s day , so my six year old can get involved. A simple DIY project reusing the Flexi Magnets.
Father'sday gift idea materials

Materials Required :
Flexi Magnet (used oval but anyshape is fine )
Foam stickers ( letters )
Foam sheet ( Used sticky back )

Instructions :
Handmade Foam Magnet gift
Cut a foam sheet to the size of the flexi magnet .
Peel and stick it to the Magnet.
Father's Day  Handmade gift
Now take the foam letters “DAD” and glue them .Decorate the way you like it .

Note : Flexi Magnets are popular promotional items used by companies. They come in different shapes and sizes.

Kids involvement : Ashrith digged for the letters D and A from the big bag of Foam letters. Next he peeled all the letters and pasted them where and when directed . He enjoyed making this Decorative Magnet gift for his dad.

DIY Father's Day Decorative Magnet Gift
Beautiful Handmade gift is ready for Dad’s office. We made it two days back but didn’t post about it bcos my hubby is the first one to read all my Posts .What can I say ..He is a Awesome Dad ! Wishing him and all the lovely Fathers out there a Very Happy Father’s Day !

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