Mommy and Child Doodles ( Week #3)

Mommy and child doodles

I started the doodle series for two reasons, the first to challenge the arty person in me , who really loves art and brushes but never gets time to use them.This series is giving me a chance to renew my passion and get back to Art . It’s like going back to basics. The second reason is to spend quality time with my son at the art table since he loves to draw and paint just like me.

For today’s mommy and child doodles we got inspiration from flowers blooming everywhere. This time we did not use any pencil and chose to paint directly.

Mommy Doodles : A simple Red Rose painting
Mommy Doodles: Red Rose painting

Kids love to draw what they see in their surroundings. Spring is definitely inspiring!
Child Doodles : In Ashrith’s words .. a Super Spring Day painting .
Child Doodles:  Super Spring painting

The weather is beautiful and we are having awesome outdoor fun. Playground ,long walks at the park, swimming pool and what not . What are you up to ? Please feel free to comment and share ! Stay in tune for Fun projects coming up for kids .

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