Rainy day activity : Painting with white bouquet flowers

Rainyday activity for kids  painting with flowers

How to pass time on Rainy day ? I had no activity planned for the day and when I was about to throw all my dried flowers of bouquet , I got the idea of giving them to my son for painting.Sometimes spur of the moment ideas work wonders.We are painting with tiny white flowers. Yes,Flowers we see all the time ..Very popular in bouquets and floral arrangements. Do you know what they are called? I had to google..They belong to carnation family and are called Gysophila.

Painting with Gyposphila Flowers
The tiny white flowers stems are nice and strong for kids to hold just like brushes.

Painting with flowers
A paper plate with few acrylic paints to dip and paint.

Painting with flowers for kids
For my six year old it was easy , he randomly painted with all the colors .

Painting with boquet flowers for kids
A modern painting is here to showcase !

We enjoyed exploring dried flowers and paints. How about you ? Please share your summer plans and fun activities .I would love to hear !

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