Measuring Ruler costume for Vocabulary Parade Kindergarten

Measure Costume for Kindergarten Vocabulary Parade

Last month, before the school closed I had to blogpost this .Due to some reasons I couldn’t but happy to share it with you today . One of the last events of the school was a Vocabulary Parade. These parades are not only fun for kids but also a learning experience . It encourages them to read and learn new words. The Kindergarten students were asked to make a creative costume using any recycle material like paper, boxes, plates. The costume is based on a Vocabulary Word and I chose the word ” Measure” . To represent and explain the word Measure we made a Ruler costume .

I know ..there were plenty options ..I don’t know why I chose Ruler. I wanted to do something different and thought Ruler was out of the box . My friends and hubby thought there was not much scope to bring color and creativity in it . Now it was a challenge for me to do something .
I wanted to make a costume where kids learn the word measure using Ruler. Here’s, What we made with pictorial details.
Ruler made out of paper
First we need 2 sheets of yellow poster paper
Fold each yellow poster paper into half( length wise )
We did a front side of the costume and a back side .
Attach both sides of the costume with a ribbon.(the size of ribbon.. measure your kids head and shoulders , so it is easy for him to remove and wear at school)
Measuring Ruler made for Vocabulary parade
Using a black marker have inches and cms lines drawn
Ruler Costume for Kindergraten Vocabulary day

Front side of Measuring Ruler COSTUME

Front side of the costume : we wrote the word “Measure”
” I am a Ruler as Special as can be .Please Measure with me !
Back side of Measuring Ruler Costume
Back side of the costume : we drew 3 candy and asked “How Tall are they ? Measure ! (got candy inspiration from a worksheet I saw here)

Kids involvement :We are one of those families who enjoy project works and Kid’s involvement is very important. Ashrith patiently waited while taking his shoulder measurements. He traced all the pencil lines with marker .. the centimeter lines you see on the scale . I am glad that he loved helping me in making his costume.
What do you think of our Costume ? Pls feel free to comments. See you all real soon !

One thought on “Measuring Ruler costume for Vocabulary Parade Kindergarten”

  1. Hi Aparna,
    I was surfing and some how landed on this page, thank God I found this page. I loved the costume, very creative indeed.

    You have good posts, entertaining style of writing, easy reading that keeps the readers attached.

    All the best for Asrith, you and of course the hubby.

    Take care.

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