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Currently Happy… about writing on the blog. I gave up writing due to many health issues but slowly recovering now. My readers wanted me to come back and here I am ..yeah ..writing my first post after 3 months. …Thank you readers …you are my strength .

Currently Excited.. about Picture day at school. I take at least 10 snaps to get Ashrith look at the camera. God help the photographer to click so many kids .I hope, he gets a good pic for the magazine ..not a weirdo eyes or a fake smile.

Currently Getting ready.. for Navrathri Puja . Today is the first day of Devi Navarathri / Sharada Navarathri . We have a custom to plant barley seeds in a small pot on the first day of Navrathri. If you want to know more abt the puja and festival read my previous posts Navrathri Puja, Drawing of Maa Durga and Navrathri Puja Samagri list.

Currently Frustrated..Knowing about Parmesan Cheese . Did you know Parmesan Chesse is not vegetarian . It is made with cow’s milk and calf Rennet ( meaning stomach parts of baby cow ). So, all my Vegeterian friends, next time you eat a Bread stick or pizza at Dominoes ….remember it has Parmesan in it . I am totally sad and frustrated. My outdoor Vegetarian options keep reducing every day!

Currently Confused.. about iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus . What do u think ? Which one is better ? Not sure which one to pick .Any reviews pls let me know .

Feeling awesome writing here , stay in tune for more interesting updates. Please feel free to comment ! Have a wonderful week and Navathri celebrations .

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