15 Picture Books on Christmas Wishes

Christmas is one of our favorite holidays all throughout the year . Most Kid’s favorite part about Christmas is opening presents . Holiday Books can be great a resource to teach our kids the essence of Christmas. After all the presents and other materialistic things don’t last , it is the memories that last forever .


15 Picture Books on Christmas Wishes
Today , I’ll be sharing an incredible list of kids Christmas books that focus on Christmas Wishes !
Christmas is the time when we celebrate and share goodness with others. It is also a chance to make wishes come true and to give something from your heart .
The list of books I am sharing here are Heart warming stories showing that people , love and kindness are more than any material things . I have chosen Christmas wishes picture books that are suitable for elementary age kids .

The Christmas Wish by Lori Evert
A Wish for Elves by Mark Gonyea
A Christmas Wish by Marcus Sedgwick
A Christmas Wish for Corduoroy by Don Treeman
All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey
Anna’s Wish by Bruno Hachler
Grandma’s Christmas Wish by Helen Foster James
Little Donkey’s Wish by Udo Weigelt
Little Miss Spider Christmas Wish by David Kirk
The Christmas Tree Fairy by Marion Rose & Jason Cockcroft
The Puppy who wanted a Boy by Jane Thayer
The Smallest Gift of Christmas by Peter H Reynolds
It’s Really Christmas by Lillian Hoban
Snow Bunny’s Christmas Wish by Rebecca Harry
Pocket’s Christmas Wish by Ann Bonwill & Russell Julian

This post is a part of the Jenny Evolution Winter and Holiday Children Story Book series.  More than 30 bloggers are contributing by posting winter and holiday themed book lists. Click on the link to take you to a huge list of topics to find other awesome books for this season.
JYFI.. the above Amazon links are not affiliate .I have included them for your convenience to purchase and refer reviews .
If you like any Christmas book about wishes , which is not included above , let me know in the comments below . I would love to hear !
Happy Reading and Advance Christmas Wishes !

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