About Me

I am Aparna, the writer behind “weaving ideas”.  A website that is open to all people in all walks of life.

A little more about me and what I do…..

I believe in GOD and think honesty is the best policy. I also believe being creative is a gift and I am a fan of all things creative!
My hobbies are so many that it is not enough to put down on my website but as we go on I am sure you will get to know me better.

I have a very supportive husband Sridher, whose encouragement and hard work made it all possible for me to start this website. Without him I would not have been able to do it. I am also Mother of an adorable little boy called Ashrith. He is my world, the apple of my eye and he keeps me on my feet but I think he is the best thing that happened to me. As they say “Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love”.

My strength & inspiration comes from my Mom. She instilled love, art and creativity in me from a very young age. A glimpse of her is in all I do. Thank you Mom.

My Motto: Ideas : Learn : Laugh : Share : Help : Inspire

About Weaving Ideas:

My Website is a creative outlet of my every day experiences in what I make or do. This site focuses on the preserving & following old traditions and customs as well as adopting modern ways of living.

This website is a place for people passionate about celebrating festivals, Holidays, Parties, Home Decorating, food and travel. As SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), I would like to share some information, useful tips, games & activities that I use for my toddler to keep him entertained throughout the day and make parenting less stressful and a lot more fun!

Weaving Ideas & how it got its name.

The name “Weaving Ideas” aroused from the weaver birds. I was inspired by the weaver bird and how they make their nests. Weaver birds collect their building materials to weave fibers together to make some extremely solid yet astonishing nests. So does my website. Weaving ideas – is a collection of tips, information, cookery projects, crafts and a lot of creativity.

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