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Cup cake Handmade card for First Birthday

Cupcake handmade card

I love to make something creative for near and dear ones. If you follow me , you’ll know , I have made a bunch of  handmade cards before .Most of the time, I don’t make these cards until the D- day , it is always a last minute thing .I start making a card when an idea pops up in my mind or if I know what theme they are celebrating. Last year ,I made this card for Aadya baby’s First birthday and she turned two last week .So …sweet. Looking at her birthday pics , I realized not sharing with you. So, here it is my Awesome
Cup cake Handmade card for First Birthday

Cupcake first birthday card

It is simple, beautiful Card and if u plan to make one …here are the details …..

Materials needed: Cardstock Plain and striped

White flannel sheet

Foam stickers ( Various shapes),



Make a greeting card out of a cardstock paper.

Using striped paper make a cup cake liner.

The frosting on top  was made using white flannel sheet.

Make a candle out of a plain cardstock paper.

Now glue the frosting over the striped liner to look like a cupcake.

Glue the candle on the cup cake. Peel various foam stickers and stick them randomly to look like confetti.

Sprinkle some glitter over the frosting .

first birthday handmade cupcake card

Note: Most of the stuff, for this project was bought at Dollar store. This post is not sponsored by them … just for your information.I added one candle …bcos it was for first birthday but u add any number candles.

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Let me know what you think about the card !That’s all for now ! see ya real soon !

Paper Towel Roll Craft: Crayons

A huge crayon is ready for kids pretend play and easy craft idea for kids ages 4+. There are lot of crafts you can make with paper towel rolls and use for pretend play. These handmade crayons can be used for any art related theme party decorations or Elmo theme birthday party.

My son pretends to be a pirate and loves to use the paper towel roll as a telescope to find the treasure. Pretend play encourages kids to use their imagination and also build their learning skills .

Another great way to teach kids reuse eveyday materials.Reduce:Reuse:Recycle…Go Green.

Materials needed:
          • Paper towel rolls
          • Color tissues
          • Poster board paper /cardstock (black and colors)
          • Glue
          • Scissors

          1. Wrap at least 2 or 3 layers of tissues around the paper towel roll and fold the extra tissue at the edges into the holes.
          2. Make a cone out cardstock.
          3. Now fix the cone on one edge of the paper towel roll i.e in the one of the holes.
          4. Cut long strips of black cardstock paper
          5. Glue them on top and bottom of the paper towel roll just to resemble a crayon.

Elmo themed birthday party

My friend’s Anju and Ashwini asked me to plan for their daughter’s 2nd birthday party using elmo theme. I love to plan parties and it was so much fun to plan for adorable Ria.

She loved Elmo a lot, so the theme was Elmo’s world and I used photoshop to make the invitation.

For the decorations, I made a personalized Elmo birthday banner with Ria’s name on it.

This banner was handmade with poster board paper and lots of paints. Since Elmo loves crayons, I wanted to include crayons in the Elmo birthday party theme decorations. I made few colorful paper crayons to be hung from the ceiling .These crayons were made out of paper towel rolls wrapped in color tissue paper and black card stock.

The cake table was decorated with a Elmo basket ,a fish bowl and a colorful centerpiece.

We had a fish bowl filled with goldfish crackers and the guest had to guess how many fishes were in the bowl.

Mod Monkey Theme Birthday Party

Mod Monkey Birthday Party

Mod Monkey Theme Birthday Party

My son’s 2nd birthday was celebrated last may 2010 , trying to recollect everything I planned for his birthday party .
First looking out for themes , I liked the MOD MONKEY THEME at

Three reasons I loved this theme

  • My son ASHRITH is quite a monkey – always climbing ,jumping around
  • He loves Bananas
  • He loves the rhyme No More Monkeys jumping on the Bed

So this theme was perfect


The Background was made out of a full size White Bed sheet , I painted polka dots in yellow and blue theme colors , the birthday banner was ordered online and all the guest tables had blue table covers with centre pieces .Inflatable monkeys were hanging on either side of the banner .We pasted some of Ashrith’s best pics on yellow color snack plates and tied blue ribbons on top .Using push pins we pinned them on wall .


These centre pieces were made out of cardboard tomato boxes which were covered with blue wrapping paper and theme tissue paper
Inside these boxes we had plastic green grass and few bananas to which we tied the balloons
To see RECYCLE CENTER PIECES instructions with pics click here

The cake table was covered with blue table cover and on either side of the table was a fish bowl filled with green plastic grass ,two bananas and holding these fish bowls were plush monkeys
Between the two fish bowls i.e the center of the table was my son’s name ASHRITH in wooden alphabet letters