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Happy Valentine’s Day 2014 with some Fun food

Wishing all my Readers and Friends… a Happy Valentine’s Day !
I know many people don’t like valentine’s day …due to whatever reason…especially in my Homeland India …a wrong notion of Valentine’s day ..( kind of lovers thing …spoilt youth ..totally western culture….blah..blah ) .My message to people who think like that….pls …¬†it not just about lovers or about people in love but it is about celebrating LOVE ….purely Love. A love…. that can be for anybody !
Love for your friend, dog, neighbor , teacher, family. Cutting the cake and blowing candles is western stuff but we still do it for the joy of our kid. When we have adopted so much western stuff , even things that are not good for us . Then why not Valentine’s day ….the day to celebrate love .
Valentine  Indian fun food
Only on special days , I try making some Fun Food. I made Tomato Upma(Semolina ) Breakfast for my hubby in the shape of heart. Upma heart is made using a cookie cutter bought at Target store, in the Dollar spot …ya just a dollar. I love these cookie cutter and have a collection of them .Next time you are Target , do check them out. I made my son Ashrith a Double decker Heart sandwich with one layer of nutella and one layer strawberry jam but no pic ūüôĀ …he was excited of course in hurry to eat it . He said” Mom,this so Good !” I am totally bowled with the expression on his face .
These are all my opnions and don’t mean offend anyone. I believe in the saying ” To love and be loved is the great happiness of existence.” – by Sydney Smith
What are your plan for Valentine’s Day ? Stay in tune for another Random Act of Kindness Day .See ya soon.

Sai Bhajan at my Sister’s place

Last Thursday, we had Sai Bhajan at my sister’s house. My first Sai bhajan with Harrisburg Sai Bhajan group .It was wonderful to meet everyone and sing Sai Bhajans. I shared some ¬†bhajans we regularly sing in the Baltimore group and learnt some new bhajans from them.Ayyappa Season is in full swing so we sang ¬†Saranalu and Ayyappa songs too.
Sai Bhajan Puja        Fresh flowers garland for Sai , Decorated with lights and diyas !
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Sri Rama Navami celebrations and traditions

 Wishing all my Friends,Family and Readers a Happy SRIRAMA NAVAMI !
It’s¬† a¬†wonderful feeling to share my celebrations at home¬† but today¬†my¬† friend Kalpana was kind enough to send the pics and share her traditions¬†. Lucky for me and all my readers to witness the puja.

 Lord Rama decorated with flowers , fruits and Prasadam


108 names of Lord Rama chanted and silverflowers were offered.


Mangalaarathi after 108 naamvali . Aarathi¬† …….looks so lively !

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Traditional food : Vadapappu and Panakam offered as prasadam.

sriramastorybookReading stories and reciting¬†shlokas¬† in praise of Lord Sri Rama is a tradition.The book in the pic is almost 40 years old book ,rarely found in stores now .It is¬†a 100Year-Old, Kalpana’s Family Tradition¬† to read this book every Saturday.


Writing Raama Naamam is a tradition, It is said that the word “Ram” is more powerful than the Lord himself.One can write in any language¬†..( above it is written in Telugu )

Thanks Kalpana !   Hope , did justice in interpreting your pics.

What do you do on SriRama Navami ?Please feel free to comment about your festival traditions and send pictures.Everyone would love to see them.

My First Vegetable Carving : Tomato Flower


We are so caught up in our household duties ,sometimes we don’t get the time and mood to fulfill our hobbies. When I took this lovely hybrid Roma tomato in hand , I wanted to carve something …it was shouting out a flower .I always loved carving but didn’t get chance to try it ,also made me think I don’t want to waste food .Last week , I was very happy carving the tomato and enjoying its beauty , used the same tomato in my sambhar to enjoy its taste. So , thumbs up for double bonus.
This is my first vegetable carving .It isn’t very good but I thoroughly enjoyed carving it.tomatobottlegourd

Materials needed:
Hybrid tomato
Sharp knife
Soorakaya /bottle gourd head stem
Instructions :
Using knife make silts on four sides of the tomato
Now pull each silt a little down to resemble petals of flower
Make a little hole under the tomato .
Save the bottle gourd head to use like a stand or stem for the flower.

Note:Like many of you while chopping vegetables like Bottle gourd, Eggplant ,Carrots I put all my vegetables scraps in a bowl and later throw everything into garbage . When I was not able to balance my tomato , the Bottle gourd stem in the scraps …was like finding treasure in the trash.Worked perfect like a stand.

tomatocarvingI always love to try new things ,experiment and make mistakes.Have you been longing to do something or did you try to do any thing new ? Pls leave your comments and ideas.

Super Bowl Party Decorations & food

superbowldecorationravens                                          Purple Pride all day long !!

We are having a Super Bowl party and it is  gonna be a great game with brother against brother -Harbaugh superbowl, which should be interesting.
As I start writing this post  BAL is 14  and SF is  3 , so hoping our favorite team Ravens wins . Carrying the Purple pride ,we had all the decorations in purple ,black and white .
Our party food was¬† famous Indian¬†appetizers Mirchi Bajji and Pani Puri , Pizza and Cup cakes .Everything is ready… , drink and enjoy the game !!!!!!!!!

superbowlpizza ravenscupcakes
superbowlindianfood superbowlappetizers

Naivedyam /Prasad

I had a joint celebration going on because it was our Republic Day too.
Though we stay miles away from our country, we always remember and are proud of our motherland INDIA …..BHARAT
To expess our love and patriotism I made Indian tricolor coconut ladoos and offered them as naivedyam to my Sai .

Naivedyam /Prasad:
Bobbarlu /Red Chori Guggulu, Khaman Dhokla,Tomato Upma,Sabudana khichdi,Chole Puri ,Masala Vankaya ,Puloa,Raita,Coconut ladoos,Kheer