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Ugadi Craft for Kids : Glitter Mango

Ugadi Glitter Mango art for kids
Ugadi ..Telugu New year according to the lunar calendar followed in Andhra Pradesh, India.
The moment, we talk about this festival , the first thing that comes to our mind is Ugadi Pachadi .It is made of Tamarind, neem, jaggery and raw mango pieces.
Teaching Kids about Ugadi Pachadi
The festival marks the beginning of mango season. Indians enjoy Raw Mango with a pinch of salt and also add in various dishes.
Raw Mango relished

Excited to share,festive experience with Ashrith, teaching him about Ugadi Festival and Mango. We spoke about raw mango, its color, texture and taste.Teaching kids about raw Mango
After tasting the raw mango for the first time ,he said “It’s sour Mom!” …Hmm ..Yes son,it is sour like a lemon, after a second he said ,”No it is more sour than a lemon.” I agree with him ..Raw mangoes are definitely Sour but really awesome to eat. YUM!
My five year old had a experience to put his taste buds to test and he did great.Love teaching kids about traditions through play and one such attempt is this Mango art.
Now ,lets see step to step pictorial Mango Art for kids
Materials Needed:
White paper
Green paint
Green glitter
Mango drawing for Ugadi
Draw a mango on a white piece of paper. If you are not comfortable sketching , you can print mango coloring pages here.
Mango Painting for Ugadi
Paint the mango with greens. Younger kids can paint a single shade of green and older kids can try different shades of green with a tint of red and browns. Let the imaginations soar!
Add glitter when the paint is still wet. Later,outline the mango with a glitter glue pen or tube.
Mango Art for Kids

Ashrith enjoyed painting mango and the fun was a chance to explore glitter.Some tips for glitter choices.In this project, I have two types glitter, one is tiny dots glitter sprinkled and other is glitter glue.Like most Moms,not a big fan of glitter,Scared of mess, you can always use glitter glue. Glitter glue comes in tubes and pens.Glitter glue pens are easy to use even for younger kids. In this project , we used glitter tube but it was hard for Ashrith . So, I recommend Crayola glitter glue pens for kids.
Art for kids  Glitter Mango

Thanks to Lakshmi Kala for sending in some awesome pics of Mangoes and Ugadi Pachadi . Lakshmi Kala is an aspiring Professional photographer from Hyderabad , India and you can see her works here

Green glitter Mangoes are ready to relish ..LOL…I mean virtually. Do you love Mango and our Mango art? Love to hear your thoughts , Please comment below. If you enjoyed this post, like it and share it !
Happy Ugadi and wishing everyone a wonderful year !!

Colorful Phonics Sensory Play for Kindergarteners

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Color sorting sensory bin
Rainy days with low temperatures, what to do? It is difficult to keep kids occupied and as a Mom I always find new ways to entertain my five year old indoors. One such attempt is this Phonics Sensory play .We initially collected all colorful stuff from our play room and planned for colorful Sensory Bin. If you have no clue what a Sensory Bin is then let me explain. It is nothing but a container filled  with simple ingredients like rice, beans, little toys etc. Basically helping kids explore different textures. It’s easy ..just dump in whatever  little  fun things you have but keep a close watch on little ones who are still mouthing .

Sensory bin with Magnetic letters

To  make a Colorful Phonics Sensory Play for Kindergarteners , first thing we need is a large container for kids to dig in and explore. I used a Sterilite Plastic Container( 20 gallon) but its height is a little more so I would prefer a flatter box for younger kids.

Materials for Sensory bin
Like I said, we started with a color sorting Sensory bin, So added few colorful Animal Counters, Wooden Triangles,Magnetic Letters and Numbers.The colorful objects  are mixed in rice.One ingredient that is easily available in an Indian household. Beside the box ,we spread different color foam sheets for color sorting .If you don’t have foam sheets, no problem, use color paper sheets or color bowls, anything readily available at home.

Color Sorting Sensory Bin

Color Sorting Sensory Bin with Foam Sheets
After digging and exploring for some time, Ashrith sorted the tiny objects on the color sheets. He did a marvelous job !

Along the process, we came up with idea of playing with letters. He started making words with magnetic letters in the rice and trying to spell them with sounds. It was so much fun and he sure is learning his phonics. Way to go Kindergartener!

If you have Kindergartener at home , you can try this fun method… learning phonics and sight words or make a Colorful Sensory Bin for younger kids. What do you think ? Mail me or leave a comment below if you have any questions or just  click the like button below .See ya!

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Rainbow Art & Crafts for Preschoolers/Kindergartens

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Let’s  start with a positive feeling like Spring’s in the air! I mentioned it before,we are playing with colors and Colors remind me of the beautiful Rainbow …the blues, the greens, yellow, reds, purple. My son and I have worked on couple of  Rainbow projects we would like share here.

Rainbow Butterfly using dot markers

Three days back , while  Ashrith was using his dot markers , we got the idea of the Rainbow Butterfly . I drew outline of the butterfly using black marker  and he did the color dots.
I love Do A Dot Art Markers as they are super easy to use and quite mess free. Ashrith was adamant about not using puple color marker ..don’t know why ? The butterfly looks pretty colorful but how I wish he used the purple marker too.  I want him to explore his art in his own way  rather than expecting the results to be picture perfect.So, here is our beautiful colorful Rainbow butterfly minus purple! This project is good for both for preschoolers and Kindergartens.

Rainbow waters art for kids

Inspired by our beach towel …we came up with this colorful project called .. Rainbow Waters with Fishes. On a paper , using scale and pencil ,draw  vertical lines for different color water. Next add few fishes and plants .  We chose the crayon colors first , then  lined them, accordingly in a row, making it easy for him to color. Ashrith colored everything amazingly good …looks like a playful Rainbow underwater ocean ! I hope you will try this easy and simple project using basic supplies (paper, scale , pencil and crayons).

Rainbow Pinwheel craft for kids

 Another project  we made is the Rainbow Pinwheel using scraps of paper . Cut color paper triangles of unequal sizes. Now arrange the triangles in a circle to form a pin wheel and glue them. In the center , we used  a foam circle sticker .. to give dimension , if you don’t have foam stickers , you can always use a color paper. Ashrith was tired of gluing, so we drew a stick and colored it brown but you always use color paper for it too. Make and enjoy Rainbow Pinwheel .. the perfect decoration for Spring!

Note: Rainbow art and craft projects mentioned here are perfect for ages 4-6 with a little help from adults .Totally tried and tested on my 5yr old!

We had fun making Rainbow Art & Crafts for Preschoolers/Kindergartens.Do you have any Rainbow art/craft ideas for kids…then Pls do share. I would love to hear from you. We had tons of fun doing these Rainbow projects and looking forward to making more creative stuff. That’s all for now ! See ya soon with something interesting!
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Sankranthi/Vasant Panchami Festival : 10 Kite Crafts for Kids

Kite flying, a popular sport in India, is associated with Festivals Sankranthi/Pongal and Basant Panchami day. In the months of January and early February , you can see millions of kites take over the sky. Nothing can beat kite flying but little crafts to teach kids, kite making is also fun. I have a collection of different kite crafts to make and try from our fellow bloggers.

10 kite crafts collection for kids

10 Kite crafts for kids from awesome bloggers .

Duct tape Kite

While looking for inspiration to make a kite Craft with my son, found these awesome collection and couldn’t wait sharing with you.I am going to try and make few … How about you? If you are  inspired , do like and share.

India flag, Indian flag activities, Indian flag craft ideas,Indian independence day activities , Indian republic day activities

Indian Flag Craft : Patriotic Paper Mosaic

Indian Flag Craft: Patriotic Mosiac

  We are living an American dream but hoping to go back  to our country someday .Teaching my son about our homeland “India” gives me a pride.As a mother , I want him to learn about India , its culture and heritage. As we celebrate Republic day this Sunday 26th January …a easy craft to learn more about Indian Flag colors and its importance. A simple Indian Flag craft with Tricolor color paper suitable for all age kids.

Let’s see how we made awesome Indian Flag Craft : Patriotic Paper Mosaic
White paper
Tricolor(saffron, white, and dark green) paper squares
Blue squares


In advance cut a supply of tricolor paper into one inch squares or rectangles or hand torn pieces  of  paper .The choice is yours …it works both the ways, for my  5 yr old son ,I cut the paper using scissors into 1 inch pieces whereas my 9 year old niece preferred  hand torn pieces of paper.

Tricolor Paper mosaic

Tricolor Indian flag in making

 Glue paper squares to the flag in the order of Indian flag colors..i.e saffron, white, and dark green .

Indian flag craft for kids

Covers the whole flag with Patriotic color papers creating a Mosaic.

Indian Flag Mosaic

Patriotic paper mosaic of Indian flag

There’s no better way to celebrate Republic Day than a awesome time with your kids .Share your ideas and let me know how you like our Patriotic Mosaics.
Vijayi vishwa tiranga hamara
Jhanda uncha rahe hamara

Happy Republic day !!     Jai-Hind

Christmas Tree Art projects for Kids

I am thrilled to share few Christmas Tree Art projects . Ashrith did  Christmas sketch, finger painting & dot to dot Christmas tree . Normally, I assist him in doing art projects but this time I was busy with something and he worked alone… more of his creativity.All these projects were done with the materials available in the home.
Christmas tree with dots art
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Diwali Fun Activity : Poping Bubble wrap (Pollution free fun )

If you are wondering what this activity is and how its related to Diwali .
Fireworks and DIWALI are closely connected . Without fireworks we miss the joy of the festival but since too much of pollution , finding simple ways to enjoy the pop pop sound but with a activity that is safe ,as well as no pollution. If you think …I am talking about the same old bubble wrap activity but with a different approach , you won’t be wrong but I wanted to write about it coz it’s not only my son’s favorite activity but also some pollution free fun.Many Schools are now celebrating Green Diwali and emphasizing on “No crackers” and “Clean Diwali”. This activity is my share of contribution for that noble cause.
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Diwali Art : Teaching Kids to Draw Diya

Life can be a tough sometimes…..I had a runny nose , sore throat,sinus pain etc since last ten days but the worst is the ear infection. First time, I am experiencing this kind of pain in ear and thank God(..and Antibiotics), I’m starting to feel better but …not able to hear that well yet.
All this illness, I couldn’t make time for 5 year old son but Today, after a long time we spend time sketching and coloring. He loves art and teaching him is so much fun. I am sharing what I taught him today i.e.. How to draw a Diya ? Diwali festival is ..coming soon and I have few easy ways to celebrate the festival with more creativity and quality family time.When I taught art in India ,I used to follow a book by Navneet Publications, don’t remember the name but this diya drawing was inspired from their book with a little personal added steps.
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