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Easy Christmas Cards for kids to make

 This is the first year my son is going to school and I wanted to make simple easy holiday cards for his preschool teachers where he can involve too .Keeping my  four year old on mind ..I came up with this cool easy Christmas Cards for kids to make .

Kids Craft : Handmade Christmas Card

Materials Required:
White Cardstock Paper
Craft sticks
Green Glitter
Glue 3 craft sticks to form a triangle …. like a christmas tree
Glue a star on top of the Christmas tree
Spread Glue in the center of the Triangle and sprinkle green glitter. When the glue dries, dust off the extra glitter unstuck to the card.
Write a personal message in the card .

Note: Some parents are happy using Glitter and some don’t like it and if u are one of them , you can always paint green color inside the triangle or add bits of green construction paper .Even Glitter Glue looks great.

Lentil Art for Preschoolers

 This was a fun activity for my 4 year old and a simple project to keep him away from tv.

Materials required:
White Construction paper
Black Lentils ( Kali Masoor Dal )
Draw a stick figure of a man or anything your child can draw using a pen or pencil.
Apply glue to the pencil lines .
Now place the lentils one by one on the glue .
 Caution Note: Allow it to dry for a couple of hrs before hanging it on the wall .

I consider myself very creative but sometimes I look up for  ideas online . click here my inspiration behind doing this activity with my son.

Pattern Making with Foam Stickers


Creating patterns is like a guessing game .I use different shapes of foam stickers to make patterns. Ashrith guesses what comes next and finishes the pattern.

Materials Needed:
Foam stickers (Used CREATOLOGY shapes stickers tub from MICHAELS store)
White paper
Create a pattern like a circle foam sticker then square sticker, again a circle and ask your child what comes next and complete the pattern. If you see the picture above, I have few patterns made with different foam stickers .Depending on the age and ability of the kid you can make more complex patterns.Therefore,Pattern making is a perfect activity for kids to develop motor skills and use their imagination as well.

Sponge Painting: Fun for Everyone

Sponge Painting is fun activity for kids of all ages.This indoor activity is great for a rainy or a snowy day .My Son Ashrith (4yrs) and my niece Sharanya (8yrs) used their imagination to create some wonderful art.

Materials required:

  • Shape Sponges (Dollar Store)
  • Crayola Paints
  • Paperplates /plastic reusable plates
  • Paper

Caution Note: When u open a new pack of sponges , dip them in water so that they don’t soak up a lot of paint. These sponges are easy to clean but don’t forget to clean it immediately before the paint dries. After washing set them on a napkin or a towel to dry overnite, so no moisture is left .
Store them in a box and these sponges are reusable for many more craft projects.

Weather Chart for Kids : Today’s weather is ?

While shopping for few party items for son’s 4th birthday at WalMart ,I found  this colorful weather chart for a dollar , I knew right away Ashrith would love it .He was excited to open  and put it in his playroom.

For 6 months now, it is his daily routine to check the weather outside and change the arrow pointer accordingly. At first, he was only familiar with the words sunny, rainy and snowy but slowly he picked up the words cloudy, windy and partly cloudy.The chart is bright, colorful perfect for preschoolers to learn about weather .I found these charts in party aisle where dollar stuff r located.

                                                                  Ashrith’s chalk drawing of Clouds blocking the Sun

Do u plan to buy the weather chart for ur preschooler or anything similar to teach weather, if u visit Walmart and didn’t find it, u can purchase on amazon but is a little pricey.