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Identifying Numbers : Activity #1 inspired by Kumon Magnetic Board


This Identifying numbers activity  is inspired by Kumon  MAGNECTIC BOARD ,I saw at the Family Favorites….  KUMON stall  last year. Kumon  MAGNECTIC BOARD would cost anything around $35 to 50 dollars online, tried to make my own simple version with Milk jug lids costing a dollar .


Materials Required:
Milk jug lids
Number stickers (Large and Small)
Strip of paper/Wall borders
Peel and stick large number stickers 1 to 10 on the strip.
Now stick small number sticker on each lid
Put all the lids with number stickers in a container.
Ask your child to pick a lid from the container and recognize the number.
Once he /she recognizes the number , let them put the lids below the corresponding number on the strip .
Note: I used wall borders bought at Dollar store but you can always make strips out of white paper.I asked Ashrith to put lids below the corresponding number but he chose to put it on the number strip itself. It works both ways as long as your child is enjoying working with numbers.
Would you try this activity with your little one? If yes….don’t forget to start collecting lids.Coming soon…many summer activities,So stay in tune.

Mother’s Day Hand Print Flowers


I would like to share an activity which mom and child can make with their handprints . Using few paints make a lovely art to display.
Materials Required:
Pink Poster Paper
Red and Green color paints
Hand(Mom and Child)
Using green paint and brush make stems and grass .
Dip the hands in red paint or use a brush to paint hand completely.
Make a child’s hand print as a little flower and mom’s hand print as big flower.

I hope you enjoy making handprints as much as we did !

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Spring Activity : Dandelion Fun

What a beautiful weather outside, Ashrith and me were walking in the neighbourhood today ,oh my !he knows so much about spring season. We were looking at the green grass , enjoying the nature especially  flowers….the dandelions .I asked him, if he wants to blow the dandelions ?He said, ” I want to blow and make a wish” .He knows about the dandelions and wishes connection through a recent episode of Ni Hao Kai-Lan .

He took a dandelion in his hand and wished for biggest submarine …….I have no idea where did that come from ……………Little ones are the most innocent -cute people and I love that !

Spring Activity : Dandelion Fun

Note: Avoid this activity if you have any kind of pollen allergies and watch out for the bees too.

One of my  pledge to go green was get out of the house and enjoy a walk …….and that’s what we exactly  did ,Hooray!

Are you looking for outdoor fun activities ? Do come back and check as I am coming up with many fun activities soon.

Spring Season Activity :Simple Painting

My four year old son came back from Preschool ,so excited , shared everything he learnt about Spring.After a while,he asked me for a paper and some paints.I did’nt know what he was upto but after twenty mins he came back and suprised me with this lovely seasonal picture.When I asked him what his painting is all about ,he described the trees, flowers and birds chirping……….It’s Spring Mom….It’s Spring!
Through the painting , one thing is for sure ,he is listening to his teachers!!Yipee
Spring Season Activity :Simple Painting
Materials Required:
Sheet of Paper
Any Art Materials (crayons,paints,color pencils)
Talk to your child about a season and ask him/her to draw something seen in that season.
Like shown in the pic …SPRING is all about flowers, trees,birds etc.
Using any art materials ,kids can make a lovely seasonal picture.

I am posting this picture with a thought that it might help other parents to teach thier kids about seasons and encourage them to paint as well.Do you plan to do this seasonal painting with your child ,if you do so ,Pls comeback and share your experience .

Spring season activity : Foam Flowers

Today is the first day of spring ,this season always remind us of flowers. I have a easy art and craft activity for your child.If you have a toddler who is not allowed to use scissors or glue ,then this is a activity you will love.
Spring season activity : Foam Flowers

We are using my favorite self-adhesive Geometric foam stickers from Michaels store .The tub has wide variety of shape stickers and the colors are so eye catching , you’ll fall in love.

Spring season activity : Foam  Flowers

Materials Required:
Creatology Foam Stickers , Geometric Shapes (Michaels store)
White poster paper
Green marker


Draw several stems and leaves on a white paper using green marker.
Ask your child to peel the backing from the shapes and press them above the stems to make flowers. My four year old was just fine with it as Foam stickers are easy to peel and stick .
I made one on the yellow paper and then Ashrith made his own flowers on a white sheet of paper .
If you notice , I used triangles to make a bud and he used squares for flowers which is quite interesting way of using geometric shape foam stickers to make flowers .

Lessons Learnt:

Recogination and learning about shapes and colors.

Kids use Imagination and creativity to transform basic shapes into flowers.

Peeling stickers helps in improving  fine motor skills

Quick Tip : Older Kids : If your child is old enough to draw  ,he /she can draw the stems or use green foam stickers to make a stem pattern .   
Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers : If you are working with toddlers , you can draw the outline of flower shapes too . The little ones pick the right sticker to match the shape outline . Thus,making it great activity to learn matching shapes.


Kids will be happy to call it their own art piece to display.

Jelly beans Color Matching Game

Jelly beans color matching game for toddlers/preschoolers.This game helps youngsters in identifying colors while having lots of fun.

If your kid is like mine who doesn’t know that jelly beans are candy and are meant to eat then it probably easy for you to organize this game.I said my toddler they are colored rocks and he believed it and did sorting but this year he is 4 and its not easy to fool a preschooler .

Materials required:
Jelly beans (various colors)
Color sheets of paper
Place different color sheets of card stock or paper in a row
Ask ur child to pick each jelly bean and place them on the right matching color sheet paper
Cautious note : Parent involvement always important especially if ur child is mouthing things or eating lot of candy.
After finishing sorting jelly beans this is how it looks , isn’t it  a wonderful display of colors.One of the best way to use all jelly beans from your  Easter baskets .

Preschool activity: Learning to write


Looking for a fun way to develop interest in writing for the preschoolers ? Just with a few household materials you can turn it into a  fun experience.



Last year ,  during my vacation in India, this idea was given by  my mom.In the Kitchen, while learning cooking tips from my mom, Ashrith like any normal 3 year old wanted my attention and was disturbing me .My mom gave him a winnowing fan with some sooji/semolina  and showed him to write , he was so excited and played for long time.

Materials Required:

Winnowing Fan or any large Tray /Plate

Uncooked Rice/ Oatmeal pwd/Semolina


Show preschoolers to write using their finger tips

Note: Winnowing Fan is a basket ,an instrument used in Indian household to separate seeds/grains  from husk and straw.

Ashrith is 4 now & is so crazy about writing letters that he can write anywhere with any given materials. He stills loves to trace letters , here in states I don’t have a winnowing fan so I give him rice /semolina or oatmeal pwd in a plate and he traces letters ,numbers and shapes.

Would you try this fun method of writing with your child ? Do leave your comments .

Winter activity : Snow fun indoors

Do you want to know how we are having  Snow fun indoors . Hmm.. Snow fun indoors ..doesn’t sound like true but is  absolutely indoors.

My son wanted to play in snow yesterday,  as he is falling sick  frequently playing outside in freezing temperatures was not good for him . I got a solution from my friend H who is also a regular visitor to my website . She send me this wonderful idea of bringing snow play inside.
Her two little girls had fun playing with snow and this is what they made as you see in the pic  below . They had fresh lumps of snow nicely in a huge bowl , their princess play toys and cute  a Christmas tree. The girls spent all morning scooping , shaping and playing with snow.

Princess Indoor Snow Play
Ashrith and me were  excited , we went out to get some snow but unfortunately it already freezed into hard ice crystals.
I said Ashrith, this is too hard is ice and not snow anymore ,He replied …”It’s OK Mom”…”I can play Ice Breaking.
Kids are smarter then we know ,Snow or Ice …they find their way to play.
Ashrith inspired by one of the board game he loves to play with his dad , it is called Don’t break the Ice.He brought ice in a little beach bucket and started to play in his baby tub .He loved breaking the ice with shovel and transferring it back in the bucket .
Winter Fun Indoors

Winter activity : Snow fun indoors

Supplies Needed :
Little or more Snow ( Depending on the size of the container )
Bowl, Tray or we used a old baby bath tub ( you can see in the pic below)
Little play toys
Spoons or measuring cups for scooping
Quick Tips : Every household has  kitchen tools  and they  work  perfect  for playing with snow.We also use our Sand and beach toys. They come very handy , especially the shovel and beach bucket .
Always have a pair of mittens or gloves handy if your kid feels cold .Mine was not but you never know 🙂
The first time  we played with snow was a disaster , as I forgot to  place any table cloth underneath .I recommend  party table covers i.e plastic sheets or Table cloth and no worries  if you have tiles or vinyl flooring. It is easy to clean up.

Indoor Snow play
Yahoo ..after few days we got to play with fresh snow couple of times but Mom forgot to take a pic . I did forget guys but here is our latest picture enjoying the snow indoors.

Hope all that snow is not keeping you indoors . If it is, then do try this activity with your kids and let me know how you enjoyed it.
What are you waiting for ? Set out all the supplies and let the kids Explore this fun Sensory play with Snow.