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Kids Craft : Paper Plate Necklaces

Kids Craft: Paper Plate Necklace

My son attended the summer reading program at the Baltimore county library .This program included crafts and other activities. The theme for the year 2011 was One World, Many Stories. The crafts were inspired by a different country each week.
The craft ,my 3 yr old enjoyed making was the Masai Collar …a African jewelry
Materials needed:
• 9” paper plates
• Scissors
• Glue
• Glitter stickers and gems
• Crayons /Markers

Make silt on the paper plate like the cut in the back of the collar
Silt helps to cut the center of the paper plate
Use crayons or markers to make pattern on the collar.
Use glitter stickers or gems to decorate it.
Now paper plate necklace /collar is ready to wear

Note: Adult help is required for younger kids .

Reuse Packaging Material

Recently we bought Ikea Expedit bookcase for organizing my son’s books and toys.
The shelves of the bookcase were large packed flat item. Each melamine panel was separated by large sheets of white paper /tissue paper.

While unwrapping, I decided to use the paper but how was the question?
Very soon I got my answer,
The perfect solution was to use the paper for my son’s finger painting and water color paintings.
I rather use a paper from the recyclable pile then buying new white paper.

Teaching my 3 year old to Reduce:Reuse:Recycle…….Go Green .

Teaching children to draw: Stage I (Ages 2yrs and up )

Whenever I sat down to write my grocery list or shopping list ,Ashrith would ask for pen and start scribbling down ,that is when I started to teach him to draw lines .I started with vertical and horizontal lines . He started showing a lot of interest in scribbling & drawing lines.

To encourage his creativity I bought him Fisher price basic doodle pro .The best thing about doodle pro was I didn’t have to watch him constantly .There was no fear of writing on the walls .We’ve saved a lot of paper too .Slowly he would ask me to draw cake, car, airplane etc and I will have him erase it. After few weeks, he himself started doodling in it and erased as he doodled as well. It has four stamps included a circle, a square, a triangle and a flower, stamping was fun but I watched him while using stamps.

Caution Note:
Doodle Pro is recommended for 3+ and if u you using it for a younger child like I did, you take away the stamps before age 3 it would be safe to play with. If you still want to use stamps for under 3 then you have to watch them closely as mouthing the magnetic stamps can cause serious injuries.

Kids in Kitchen : Chapathi Indian Bread making

Kids in Kitchen : Chapathi bread  making
As a stay at home mom, my 2 year old was always with me wherever I went, especially the kitchen while cooking .Every time I cook ,I see my toddler is engaged in something.

I make chapatis (indian wheat bread) almost every day. In the begin, he played with the dough but after a few days he started asking for the rolling pin too.

The very first time I gave him a ball of dough and rolling pin together, I was surprised ….
He made a little round circle… I mean…a tiny chapati
Now he is 3 and still loves to play with the dough and make chapatis.

Caution Note: Watch your toddler ,if he is mouthing the flour ,eating a little flour is not a problem but if consumed more can cause stomach ache b’cos the wheat flour is raw and uncooked which is difficult to digest .

gift tag , birthday gift tag , handmade Tag

Kids Birthday Handmade Gift Tags/ Easy Tag Making

Barney birthday Handmade Gift Tag

I simply love to make tags. .Gift tags always bring me a lot of compliments, people receiving them recognize the efforts and time put in to making their occasion extra special .Tag making is easy , simple but definitely requires a little creativity .

Mickey Birthday Handmade Gift Tag
Materials required:
• Cardstock
• Scissors
• Glue
• Markers
First the occasion, is it a birthday, Christmas, babyshower.etc you are making the tag for.
Make any shape out of the cardstock, it could be a star, cake,flower,mickey ,heart
Decorate with any materials you have at home like stickers ribbons,feathers,shells
Write your message using color pencils, markers or paint
Beautiful personalized handmade tag is ready to stick or tie on to the gift
Minnie Birthday Gift Tag

Kids Activity : Stringing fruit loops

Kids Activity : Stringing fruit loops
Threading fruit loops is a fine motor skill activity, teaching toddlers good hand and eye coordination.

My son Ashrith 22months,was simply threading the cereal onto the chenille stem . After one or two times ,I noticed a change in his threading the cereal . He started making color patterns or putting alike colors together.
Materials required:
• Fruit Loops cereal
• Chenille stems/pipe cleaners

Caution Note: Chenille stems are sharp, always secure them at ends so that they don’t poke.

Reuse Magnets: Turn Flat flexible magnets into Custom Photo Magnets

I have too many flat flexible magnets .Flexible magnets are popular promotional items used by business.They come in different shapes and sizes.
Here is a simple method to turn your old magnet into a personalized custom made magnet.

Reuse Flexi Magnets

Promotional flat flexible magnets

Materials required:
• Flat flexible magnet
• Photo (your favorite one)
• Color paper or cardstock
• Ribbon
• Glue
• Scissors
• Pencil

make  custom photo magnets

Custom made photo magnet

#Use scissors & cut the cardstock to the size of the magnet and then glue it to the magnet.
#Now take your favorite picture and glue it over the cardstock.
#Decorate it with ribbon.
# A beautiful handmade magnet is ready to decorate your refrigerator.
My son’s photo magnet makes me smile every time I open the fridge door.
Reusing old unwanted business magnets and turning them into something adorable.
Reduce: Reuse: Recycle……..Go Green

Recoginition and Sorting toddler game

I am always looking for innovative ways to keep my 2 year old occupied while I am busy. This game helps in recognition and sorting Sun, Moon, Stars & Clouds.

Materials required:
• Foam shapes: Sun, Moon, Stars & Clouds (bought at CVS pharmacy store)
• Bowls
When Ashrith was 20 months old, he started recognizing the shapes .
Once he was perfect with recognition, I gave him small bowls to sort them.
At first I helped him a couple of times but very soon he did it independently.

Moving Boxes : Reuse & Recycle

Moving Boxes : Reuse & Recycle

Kids + Boxes = Non Stop Fun

Moving , unpacking, boxes everywhere was stressful but seeing my son playing brings a smile on my face.

Ashrith ,my son 17mnths was thrilled to play in the box. Joined him in the box is his cousin Sharanya ( 5yrs ).Both were happily playing in the box while we unpack most of the stuff.

Boxes can be so much fun for all ages .

Note: With every reuse of a box, a new one is prevented from entering the cycle. If the boxes are worn out and not in condition to reuse ,please don’t forget to drop them in the recycling bins .

Personalized Simple Handmade Card

"MANSI" - Handmade Birthday Card

This Personalized Name Card was designed for my friend’s birthday.
Materials required:

  • Cardstock/poster paper
  • Craft sticks
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


  • Cut out any shape out of cardstock. The card I made is rectangle in shape.
  • Using pencil write the letters
  • Paste the craft sticks over lightly written letters using glue.

Personalized Name card is easy to make and could be used for any occasion . Will definitely put a smile on receiving a handmade card .