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Color Sorting Activity

Color Sorting, Activity for 2 Year Old

Color Sorting

Color Sorting

Color Sorting Activity:
This activity is great for toddlers learning color recognition
Materials Required:

  • Color Bowls (Used Ikea Bowls)
  • Foam Color Cubes ( Bought at Target Store)

Caution Note : The package states that these cubes are meant for 3yrs old and above.Foam cubes could be a choking hazard for toddlers who mouth things . So, I always watched my son Ashrith closely when using them .

Kids Craft : Foam Stickers Heart Mosaic

Kids Craft :Foam Stickers Heart Mosiac

Foam stickers are easy to peel and stick for toddlers. My son’s interest for peeling stickers made me start a journal for him and slowly I could see his improved motor skills . Then , we went ahead and encouraged him to stick according to color ,shapes or type. Then came this brilliant idea to fill the heart with foam stickers of different shapes and colors .

Materials required :
Foam stickers ( Used CREATOLOGY shapes stickers from MICHAELS store )
White paper / Construction paper

Step 1 : Draw a simple heart or any other shape
Step 2: Ask kids to fill it with foam stickers

Lessons Learnt : This craft activity is great for learning shapes and colors while practicing fine motor skills .
Valentines Mosaic Heart cards : Foam Mosaic hearts can be excellent Valentine cards and kids will love to make it for their friends.

Dress up as Nursery Rhyme Character

Dress as Nursery RhymeSaakshi looking cute & enjoying being a star
A phone conversation with my friend Swapna ……………….

Swapna : “ Hi Aparna , my daughter saakshi needs to dress up like a Nursery Rhyme character for School
Any ideas ??? “

Aparna: “Spontaneously I said TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR would be perfect as its quick and easy to dress up .you can even do Mary had a little lamb or Little Bo peep but need to work a lot on the costumes .”

Swapna: “- With two kids around & errands to run ,I would prefer TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR “
We both discussed on how to dress her like a star .Firstly to make a star out of cardboard box and wrap with silver paper and then star accessories .

Dress as Twinkle StarMaterials needed ( cardboard box missing in pic)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Costume
                                                                                      Shiny star costume ready to wear

Thank you Swapna for sending me the pics , I must say you did a fabulous job