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Measuring Ruler costume for Vocabulary Parade Kindergarten

Measure Costume for Kindergarten Vocabulary Parade

Last month, before the school closed I had to blogpost this .Due to some reasons I couldn’t but happy to share it with you today . One of the last events of the school was a Vocabulary Parade. These parades are not only fun for kids but also a learning experience . It encourages them to read and learn new words. The Kindergarten students were asked to make a creative costume using any recycle material like paper, boxes, plates. The costume is based on a Vocabulary Word and I chose the word ” Measure” . To represent and explain the word Measure we made a Ruler costume .

I know ..there were plenty options ..I don’t know why I chose Ruler. I wanted to do something different and thought Ruler was out of the box . My friends and hubby thought there was not much scope to bring color and creativity in it . Now it was a challenge for me to do something .
I wanted to make a costume where kids learn the word measure using Ruler. Here’s, What we made with pictorial details.
Ruler made out of paper
First we need 2 sheets of yellow poster paper
Fold each yellow poster paper into half( length wise )
We did a front side of the costume and a back side .
Attach both sides of the costume with a ribbon.(the size of ribbon.. measure your kids head and shoulders , so it is easy for him to remove and wear at school)
Measuring Ruler made for Vocabulary parade
Using a black marker have inches and cms lines drawn
Ruler Costume for Kindergraten Vocabulary day

Front side of Measuring Ruler COSTUME

Front side of the costume : we wrote the word “Measure”
” I am a Ruler as Special as can be .Please Measure with me !
Back side of Measuring Ruler Costume
Back side of the costume : we drew 3 candy and asked “How Tall are they ? Measure ! (got candy inspiration from a worksheet I saw here)

Kids involvement :We are one of those families who enjoy project works and Kid’s involvement is very important. Ashrith patiently waited while taking his shoulder measurements. He traced all the pencil lines with marker .. the centimeter lines you see on the scale . I am glad that he loved helping me in making his costume.
What do you think of our Costume ? Pls feel free to comments. See you all real soon !

Valentines Treat bags with Souvenirs from India

Valentines Treat Bags with Souvenirs from IndiaYesterday ,Ashrith’s  friends in school received our special  Valentine goody bags .The wait is over , it’s reveal time … Yes ..the surprise Goody bags special Valentines treat bags .. I was talking all these days.

Two months back , On our trip to India, we bought souvenirs for Ashrith’s  classmates. His class has twenty four kids including Ashrith . I wanted anything small due to the luggage problem. The idea was to look  for something Indian ….like local handicrafts . Going shopping around the town looking for stuff was not possible.We stayed only  for  4 weeks and that’s awfully less. So, went straight to Lepakshi …the Best place to shop for souvenirs in Hyderabad.

After looking around the store , I picked Etikoppaka Toys for the class.

Lepakshi Toys  Souvenirs of IndiaEtikoppaka toys are tiny wooden toys made by artisans in Visakhapatnam dt, Andhra Pradesh, South India. Lacquer colors are used on soft Ankudu wood to make distinctive art pieces. I bought a toy top and a beautiful Peacock.

Souvenir of India:  Etikoppaka Toy Top

I chose a toy top coz any 5 year old will love to play with a top.

National bird of India Peacock Souvenir

Beautiful peacock …bcoz its National bird of India. What better way to share about our country .

Valentines Goody Bags with wooden toys

After coming back  to States … we  put everything in the clear favor bags to make cute Valentine treat bags.The bags included a toy top, peacock, candy , a Valentine card, little message we wrote and a card from Lepakshi store telling about Etikoppaka toys.

Souvenirs from India for kids

What do you think about my  Valentines Treat Bags with Souvenirs from India ? BTW ,I am in the 7th heaven…smiling . Why ?   Just , received a message from one of the Parents saying “It is a very unique and thoughtful gift. Thank you so much.”

That’s all for now , will come up with more kindness stories tomorrow  .My blog seems to be lost without your valuable comments and feedback. Write a line or two to show your love. Until then spread some smiles and kindness.


Ideas for the 100 Days of Kindergarten Posterboard Project

Kindergraten Project : 100th day of School

100th day of School Project

My son is in kindergarten and soon he will be celebrating the 100th day of school. We were asked to make a project with collection of 100 things. While browsing online, I found some amazing ideas like snowman with 100 marshmallows,100 gum balls machine, 100 flags on a world map made on huge poster boards.There are 3 reasons, We can’t make one like that … teacher sent us a sheet of construction paper , so we have to stick to that size . The second was collections can be anything but must fit Backpack. Last reason… his teacher asked specifically items collection by fives/ tens. She mentioned during circle time the collection of tens will be easy for the kids to count.
I wanted Ashrith to do something creative ‘n’ educative.Most of the time, I get carried away and treat like it’s my project . Then slowly …I say to myself ….keep it simple ….its 5 year olds project and not yours.
We thought of Seasonal Celebrations Theme for the project .We discussed with Ashrith what seasons and celebrations would fit in. Yes…we means me and my hubby …he was helping us. Rarely ,I get to mention him but he is a great support. I had few stuff on hand like the foam stickers. I am a huge fan of these stickers, they are very easy to peel. They are available in Craft stores Michaels and A.C.Moore. We took prints online for collections like diyas, clovers, pumpkins and eggs.
Materials we used in this project are mentioned below. Arrange them in group of fives/tens.
10 Snowflakes ( winter)
10 Hearts(Valentines)
10 Clovers(St.Patricks Day)
10 Eggs (Easter)
10 Flowers(Spring)
10 Suns (Summer)
10 Stars(July 4th)
10 Pumpkins (Fall, Halloween)
10 Diyas (Diwali)
10 Candy Canes (Christmas)
Ashrith did all the peeling and gluing for the project . He did count each one to see if they were 100 in total. I know the project looks simple but I am sure, will be  easy for the kids to count by 10’s .
Kindergraten 100 days of School project
It is a task… capturing my little guy on the camera .He looks a little tired in the pic due to cold but was super excited to show the project to his class.Pls share what is your child’s current School projects .Is your kid celebrating 100 days of School ?
Ahhh…I don’t want to bore you guys by saying the weather is bad today ..again seriously…sleet rain …No school…and the worst part …two more months of winter left. My only mantra to fight the cabin fever..think warm and indulge in some comfort food like a hot soup.
That’s all for now ! Keep it Simple and have lots of fun !

School Project: Student of the Week ( All About Me)

As I said ,this weekend was extremely busy with Ashrith’s School projects. If you think Kindergraten has no homeworks and projects then you are mistaken. They have a lot of stuff to do . It’s fun and I get to spend more time with my son. We are super excited as Ashrith is the Star Student of the week.

School Project : Student of the week

We have to decorate a sheet of paper anyway we like it to show the class with following info.
Name, Age, Birthday, favorite food , book, thing to do, about family and what he is good at .This project will help his friends know him better and also great activity to learn speaking skills.
We went through lot of magazines and photo albums to get the best pics that suit our topic. I was so
delighted when Ashrith found the lego blocks pic in the magazine. He knew exactly what we were looking for.Some pictures,we took prints online like the Idlis pic from niyasworld blog . We tried several layouts and then finally glued them .When I asked him “Ashrith what do you like about school ?” ,he answered “bcos I learn new things everyday” .I am totally impressed !kids this generation r so smart.

Student of the week:School Project School project: All about me

It involves lot of patience to work such projects with kids. Trying to know what they like and how they want it . I didn’t want to put that brush on the Ice cream bcos its too big but Ashrith was so stubborn to have it. It took couple of hrs but happy with the result. Last week, we missed Ashrith’s Soccer class and this week there’s no class due to big game coming up .Any Super Bowl parties ? We’ll be having small party with close friends. Details about it coming soon .So stay in tune !

Diwali Treat/Goody bags for School


Hey…! It’s Diwali! Ashrith’s been receiving Halloween goody bags from classmates. So,it made me think why not Diwali goody bags for his classmates. Diwali, is our biggest festival and it is sad that most of our American friends are unaware of it . I thought it will help to introduce Diwali to Ashrith and his classmates. With the ear infection gone after antibiotics , I am feeling much better .What I needed was a little planning and lots of shopping .These treat /goody bags are perfect if you are hosting Diwali party or Potluck Party too.
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School field day team spirit (Tshirt design)


This year , the theme for my niece Sharanya’s elementary school field day  is Safari Adventure and she is representing the PYTHONS.
To show team support ,pythons have to wear GREEN t-shirt.Let’s see how my sister and niece used thier creativity  to boost the team spirit.Keeping theme in mind, they planned to draw a phyton on a tanktop.
To make your own
School field day team spirit (Tshirt design)
Materials Required:
Green tshirt or tank top
Fabric markers
Fabric glue
Red Sequins
Draw phython using black Fabric marker.
Glue the sequins for eyes using fabric glue.
Using marker write child’s name and year on the back of tshirt for more creative, personalised look.

Preschool Teacher Appreciation Door Banner

I can’t believe this is the last week of Ashrith’s Preschool and next year he will be going to Kindergarten.He had wonderful experience at Preschool and his teachers are the most loving , caring ,with great sense of humor and a huge heart.
This handmade banner is simple, easy to make and can instantly put a smile on teacher‘s face.
Materials Required:
White Poster Board Paper (bought at Dollar store)
Neon Letters Pads ( ArtSkills brand bought at Rite-aid)
Foam Letters ( Creatology dotted letters stickers bought at Michaels)
Blue Construction Paper (bought at Dollar store)
Black Marker

Choose Neon letters “THANKS  “ and place them on the white paper  using repositionable” Peel and Stick” back. Once satisfied with the position, use glue stick on the entire back surface to make permanent. Press and smooth. These letters are 4” and easy to read.
Use marker to write the rest of the sentence.
Use foam stickers for teacher’s names.
Make fishes out of blue poster paper and glue them to second white poster board.
Write kids names on the fishes using black marker.

Note:  Names of teachers and students have been obscrued due to security reasons. Ashrith’s Preschool class is called Blue fish class ,so used blue fishes and ship to decorate. You can choose any theme for the door banner.

We went in early ,before teachers arrived so we could surprise them .This is a one of our parting gift to the teachers and of course gift cards 🙂


Thank you! Teachers for helping Ashrith and his friends swim through.

Easter Activity : Family Easter Garden


                                                                     Photo Credit: Church

Ashrith’s  Preschool Church had a Easter event with egg hunt ,songs and crafts. The most exciting moment was Family Easter Garden which we as a family enjoyed making .I wanted my readers to enjoy this experience too , so full details of the project with pics.

Materials Required:
Plastic Tray ( oval shape)
Potting soil
Small Flower Pot
Small Pebbles
Grass Seeds
Raffia strings

Write your family name on the label, decorate it and stick it to the outside edge of the tray.
Fill the tray halfway with potting soil.
Bury the small flower pot in the dirt with the opening showing.
Add some small pebbles for a path to the “tomb” and add a larger stone to put next to the tomb.
Throughly moisten the soil using the mister.
Sprinkle grass seed generously on the potting soil to cover the spots that do not have rocks.Water with the mister.
Put a very light layer of soil on top of the grass seeds and spray with the mister.
Create 3 crosses using sticks and raffia strings.
Place crosses in the dirt.
Keep moist and in a sunny place . Seeds should sprout within 7 days.

Thanks to Ashrith’s Preschool church for sharing such a wonderful family activity.

Preschool Class Welcome Banner


Hello everybody ,I have been away from blogging for a month now . I am back ,with lots of exciting things to share but today my post is about my son’s preschool class welcome banner .
After all the wonderful holiday season it was time to get back to daily routine . Ashrith was attending school in the New year , to wish him, his teachers and friends at preschool ,made this banner.
As you see the banner has fishes , wondering why ? coz the 4 yrs class is called Fish class in his School ….so cute
Kids and teachers loved it and hanged it in their classroom .
There is nothing like sending Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead .