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Shirdi Sai Baba’s presence through holy vibrations

Baba miracle:garland story

It’s second week of the New year….yeah..kinda late wishes Readers…Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year 2014 .If you wondering where I was gone all these days …went for vacation to India.Just for 3 weeks , I know it was short but sweet.
Doing bhajan every Thursday has become a tradition . For a long time I had a wish of doing baba bhajan at my mom’s place and in my in-laws place in India . This trip to India… I got privilege to do that .I want to share a small incident that happened at my mother’s house .On one Thursday evening , in puja room, we began Shirdi Sai Baba puja. We finished Ashtothram and started OM Sai Namahaya OM Sai Namahaya bhajan and while singing the second line Hara Hara Bole Sai Namahaya …a miracle happened , the garland on baba’s photo started shaking ….. sh…sh sound for 20 seconds , ( I noticed rest of the photos or photo frames and diyas none of it was shaking or moving so I knew it was not due to wind ) .
I got goosebumps on my hands and my inner soul was telling me like baba came here ..that moment, for few seconds…I could feel the vibrations. My mom and brother also got to see his divine presence.
I read this saying in Sai Bhavana book “The place where the non-stop chanting of Sai’s name is done , gets charged and purified by the holy vibrations.” How true ! What a day,  to have witnessed this kind of feeling .Happy Thursday !!!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

Sabka Malik Ek Hai (सबका मालिक एक).

Navrathri Puja Tradition : Symbolic Drawing of Maa Durga

Back in olden days, when there were no photos ,people generally handmade everything. In the same way every Navrathri , we have a tradition of drawing this symbolic representation of Maa Durga. We are blessed to have these traditions passed down to us from our elders . Everybody may not have a Maa Durga picture in the house .So, sharing with you simple symbolic drawing of Devi Maa .
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Getting Ready for Navrathri Puja ! Step one :Spiritual Significance

LakshmisaraswathidurgamathaPhotocredit:Baba temple,NJ

Do you all know what or why we celebrate Sharada Navaratri/Devi Navaratri  ?
Sarada Navarathri , as it is called since it occurs during the fall season (Sharad Ritu) is one of the most popular Hindu festivals spanning a period of nine nights” The Goddess in the form of Universal Mother is commonly worshipped during the nine nights and ten days and hence it is also known by the name of Devi Navaratri.Three aspects of the Divine Mother , namely Durga,Lakshmi and Saraswati are worshipped during the nine nights, the tenth day being celebrated as Vijaya Dasami.
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Visit to Sri Guruvayurappan temple ,Morganville,NJ

Guruvaayoorappantemple                   Sri Guruvayurappan temple ,Morganville,NJ
Last month when I visited New jersey, my friend recommended me to visit Sri Guruvayurappan temple.Due to fixed schedule , was unable to visit the temple  but  this time I didn’t want to miss the opportunity  to see the temple.
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Paths to reach Shirdi Sai Baba

Pathtoreachsai                                                                            Photo Credit: Sai Center,NJ

A few days back I received a comment from a Reader asking “I want to do some Sai puja for Sukh shanti @ my home.Can any one guide me? plz”

This question made me think about how can I help her , what  puja procedure do I suggest her, nothing came to my mind . For years, I did  not know how to worship BABA  in traditional Idol  puja with Abhishekam ,Ashtothram, and Aarthis but one thing I regularly did was chanting his name , talking to him as if he was a family member …sharing all my happiness and worries , Trusting him, that he would come to my rescue at all times.Thus , I believe there are no hard and fast rules in worship of Sai Baba and we can worship, pray as we please. There are a few paths to reach BABA to solve any problem , I have Mentioned about them in detail below (some of my thoughts  inspired from a Baba book  “Sai Bhavani 365  days”.)
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Shirdi Sai Center :BabaTemple ,Iselin,New Jersey


Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj

This is the first time our Family is visiting Baba Temple in New Jersey.As we entered Baba temple ,after a few minutes, my husband said ,he wanted to do Aannadanam Donation , it was sudden but the vibes in the temple made him take that instant decesion of donating.
We did 101$ Annadanam donation for which they gave us the Baba Padukas seen in the pic below .The Pujari  performed  Ashotram  and nice elaborate puja of the padukas too.I wanted Baba Padukas for a long time now but getting them in this suprise manner made me even more happy.If you live near Or visiting NJ ,do visit the temple because seeing BABA ‘s huge beautiful idol so close is unbelievable !
Let us pray at the feet of Sai Baba who is the incarnation of all gods and protector of all, to show mercy on us, and increase our devotion towards him.

Shirdi Sai Center :BabaTemple ,Iselin,New Jersey


My Trip to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple ,Pittsburgh



Hello all my Sai devotees , I visited Sai Temple in Pittsburgh ..the Ugadi weekend.It was a beautiful day and there are two things memorable about this trip.

Firstly, I am a proud mother because my 4 year old son did everything in the temple before me telling him anything , like the sastang namskar,touching holy feet of Baba and chanting Om Sai Ram. Constant Thursday bhajan and puja at home have helped Ashrith develop devotion and faith in SAI. I want to write more on this topic but not right now …just come back to read more on developing faith and devotion in kids …soon 🙂

A speciality of Baba Temple ,Pittsburgh  is the stick used by baba has been brought from Shirdi. This holy stick is being used to bless all devotees who visit the shrine.For more info on temple visit here
Secondly, I met an elderly lady in the temple, a huge Sai devotee, who shared her experiences about BABA  and  a Sai Baba temple in Coimbatore.
The Sri Naga Sai Temple in Coimbatore where SAI appeared as a shining and lustrous Cobra small in size but possessing an unusually big hoad with divine marks of Tripundra, Shanka and Chakra.
Another interesting thing she told me was about reading Sri Sai Satcharita (holy book).On completion of the book most of us distribute BABA books ,which she has also done couple of times but now she sends a cheque to India for orphan kids education especially for buying their school supplies. Next time you finish reading the book ,pls think about donating ,as Baba always said “Charity is ornament of hand and give charity as much as you can afford”









Had a Blissful weekend , spending time at Shirdi Sai Baba Temple ,Pittsburgh  and this trip made me come up with a equation below
Love Sai + Love Everyone=Get Loved by all.
Universal Sai Friends pls share your story ,experience and thoughts here as good thoughts always inspire us to follow ,SAI RAM !

Vasanth Panchami celebrations at Home

vasantpanchamipujaA festival we celebrate to pay homage to the goddess of knowledge, Saraswathi.


Ashrith will be going to Kindergraten this fall and taking blessings of Goddess Saraswati before begining formal school is a tradition .


Books and other educational items kept near goddess for blessings .


Children wear yellow to commemorate this day and eat yellow sweets as prasad.


The flowers offered to the Goddess must be in yellow color too. The color yellow holds a special meaning for this celebration as it signifies the brilliance of nature and the vibrancy of life.

vasantpanchamieaselgiftAshrith got to open his easel board on this auspicious day……….one of the best educational tool for a Preschooler !!

Note: Hari Temple in Harrisburg will be having Vasant Panchami Goddess Saraswati Puja at 11.15 am on Sunday  ,February 24th ,2013.

Sai Temple Downington ,PA


The Sai Temple Pa is in Downington ,Pa.This is the first time I visited this temple.It is a hour and a half hr drive from Harrisburg .
At present, it is a very small temple but they aim to construct a bigger temple, equipped with an auditorium and lodging and boarding facilities in the 21 acres land. There is nothing like seeing Baba.
His appearance is majestic and the marble statue gives immense peace and happiness.
For more info on the temple click here. Every Thursday they conduct Sai bhajan followed by Shej Aarthi .


The Priest performed Archana and Aarthi , after puja, he gave me a brown bag with a Banana,a Apple , small vibothi packet , 2 Sai Calendars and my Archana ticket.

Note: You can sponsor any pooja online ,call the temple and provide your name ,Gothram,Nakshatra and required Pooja , so that priest can perform the services on your name .


Shivaratri Celebrations at Shiva-Vishnu Temple

Dear Friends and Readers, Happy Shivaratri !
Yesterday, we went to take Lord Shiva’s blessings at the Shiva-Vishnu Temple,Lanham,MD.
The Shiva Lingam was beautifully decorated with lots of flowers, sandalpate and rudrakshas.
After performing Archana to Lord Shiva, we noticed that temple has organized for Abhishekam .
Though already performed Abhishekam at home, we were excited to do it at the temple, it reminded us of our childhood days. The Lingam was installed on a beautifully decorated stand and Abhishekam was performed by all the devotees .The Milk for Abhishekam was provided by the temple in a huge silver bowl and I had  a small bottle of milk in my hand,I bought it at gas station to give to pujari so that he can use it later but lucky me …who knew I was going to get a chance to do Abhishekam with the milk I bought .

Shiva Linga bathed in milk at home

Note: Follow the newsletters sent by the temple. Lack of knowledge, most of us miss such beautiful celebrations conducted by the temple.
This is the first time I did Abhishekam in a United States temple? Did you ever perform one? When and Which Temple? Please do write your views and mention how you celebrated Shivaratri.
Om Namah Shivaya !!