Personalized Simple Handmade Card

"MANSI" - Handmade Birthday Card

This Personalized Name Card was designed for my friend’s birthday.
Materials required:

  • Cardstock/poster paper
  • Craft sticks
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


  • Cut out any shape out of cardstock. The card I made is rectangle in shape.
  • Using pencil write the letters
  • Paste the craft sticks over lightly written letters using glue.

Personalized Name card is easy to make and could be used for any occasion . Will definitely put a smile on receiving a handmade card .

Color Sorting Activity

Color Sorting, Activity for 2 Year Old

Color Sorting

Color Sorting

Color Sorting Activity:
This activity is great for toddlers learning color recognition
Materials Required:

  • Color Bowls (Used Ikea Bowls)
  • Foam Color Cubes ( Bought at Target Store)

Caution Note : The package states that these cubes are meant for 3yrs old and above.Foam cubes could be a choking hazard for toddlers who mouth things . So, I always watched my son Ashrith closely when using them .

Hurricane Irene in my backyard

Video of Hurricane Irene’s impact in Cockeysville , Maryland

This is my first experience with a hurricane. Something new .

Captured heavy gusty winds early this morning @ 6.07 am

Watch the video & you can feel the winds blowing at 60-80 mph

I hope hurricane did not cause too much of loss and damage .

Prayers going out to all affected by hurricane Irene .

Cleaning Silver Puja items

For years my mom had struggled cleaning silver items , finally we got our solution while shopping in a silver store .The storekeeper recommended us to use Colgate Toothpowder . We tried it and since then cleaning silver items has been so easy .
Friends always ask me if my puja diyas are new ,
Absolutely ….No …No ,
I clean them regularly with toothpowder .
For Cleaning silver puja items we need
#Colgate Tooth powder
#New clean toothbrush


  • Always clean the oil residues or any haldi, kumkum marks on silver items
  • Scrubbing can be done with dry colgate powder itself or by mixing a little water . It works either ways .
  • Scrub the silverware either using your fingertips or use a tooth brush. Well, I usually use fingertips for most of the cleaning except for those hard to reach areas .Toothbrush really helps in cleaning tiny gaps.

Colgate Tooth Powder is available in Indian Grocery stores .
How do you clean your silverware ? Do try this method of cleaning and leave your comment

Kids Craft : Foam Stickers Heart Mosaic

Kids Craft :Foam Stickers Heart Mosiac

Foam stickers are easy to peel and stick for toddlers. My son’s interest for peeling stickers made me start a journal for him and slowly I could see his improved motor skills . Then , we went ahead and encouraged him to stick according to color ,shapes or type. Then came this brilliant idea to fill the heart with foam stickers of different shapes and colors .

Materials required :
Foam stickers ( Used CREATOLOGY shapes stickers from MICHAELS store )
White paper / Construction paper

Step 1 : Draw a simple heart or any other shape
Step 2: Ask kids to fill it with foam stickers

Lessons Learnt : This craft activity is great for learning shapes and colors while practicing fine motor skills .
Valentines Mosaic Heart cards : Foam Mosaic hearts can be excellent Valentine cards and kids will love to make it for their friends.

Dress up as Nursery Rhyme Character

Dress as Nursery RhymeSaakshi looking cute & enjoying being a star
A phone conversation with my friend Swapna ……………….

Swapna : “ Hi Aparna , my daughter saakshi needs to dress up like a Nursery Rhyme character for School
Any ideas ??? “

Aparna: “Spontaneously I said TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR would be perfect as its quick and easy to dress up .you can even do Mary had a little lamb or Little Bo peep but need to work a lot on the costumes .”

Swapna: “- With two kids around & errands to run ,I would prefer TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR “
We both discussed on how to dress her like a star .Firstly to make a star out of cardboard box and wrap with silver paper and then star accessories .

Dress as Twinkle StarMaterials needed ( cardboard box missing in pic)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Costume
                                                                                      Shiny star costume ready to wear

Thank you Swapna for sending me the pics , I must say you did a fabulous job

Mod Monkey Theme Birthday Party

Mod Monkey Birthday Party

Mod Monkey Theme Birthday Party

My son’s 2nd birthday was celebrated last may 2010 , trying to recollect everything I planned for his birthday party .
First looking out for themes , I liked the MOD MONKEY THEME at

Three reasons I loved this theme

  • My son ASHRITH is quite a monkey – always climbing ,jumping around
  • He loves Bananas
  • He loves the rhyme No More Monkeys jumping on the Bed

So this theme was perfect


The Background was made out of a full size White Bed sheet , I painted polka dots in yellow and blue theme colors , the birthday banner was ordered online and all the guest tables had blue table covers with centre pieces .Inflatable monkeys were hanging on either side of the banner .We pasted some of Ashrith’s best pics on yellow color snack plates and tied blue ribbons on top .Using push pins we pinned them on wall .


These centre pieces were made out of cardboard tomato boxes which were covered with blue wrapping paper and theme tissue paper
Inside these boxes we had plastic green grass and few bananas to which we tied the balloons
To see RECYCLE CENTER PIECES instructions with pics click here

The cake table was covered with blue table cover and on either side of the table was a fish bowl filled with green plastic grass ,two bananas and holding these fish bowls were plush monkeys
Between the two fish bowls i.e the center of the table was my son’s name ASHRITH in wooden alphabet letters